2020 Olympic torches to be made of recycled aluminum from Fukushima


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According to sources, organizers will need to coordinate with local governments in the future in order to determine which metals can be procured from temporary housing that is no longer in use.

Determine because people are still living in the temporary houses! While I am applaud the effort it seems like it wasn't really thought through.

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Gogogo, “Determine because people are still living in the temporary houses”

There is plenty of temporary housing that people are no longer living in. If you paid some attention you would know many people have built new homes, government has built apartment complexes for the elderly and poor, etc. As the article states the metals will come from “temporary housing that is no longer in use.”

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What does Fukushima have to do with the Tokyo Olympics?

I can understand that the region needs to be promoted but do not agree with using the Tokyo Olympics for this purpose!

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Great, so what does this mean, a few bits of aluminum from temporary housing, likely some beer/soda cans found laying around & VOILA Olympic torches from FUKUSHIMA!!

Damn this is cringe worthy!

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More fluff and guff.

To me this just adds insult to injury to the people who have done it tough and still doing it tough.

Especially in light of the term "The Reconstruction Olympics". You mean the reconstruction of facilities in Tokyo (and a few piddling projects elsewhere because the compact olympics was a lie) to the tune of ¥Trillions.

The reconstruction that has drained away labor, technology, resources and funds from Fukushima and other hard hit areas. If all of the above had been ploughed back into Tohoku maybe realistic reconstruction would have made real headway.

But No! Melt a few window frames down as a "Symbol of Hope". No doubt, the self-anointed ones will bathe in the glory of it all, as the Romanesque Circus plays it's role as the social salve.

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Talk about tone deaf!! And stupid!

So, let's see, rather than being made from recycled aluminum from across Tohoku for the temporary housing that was used to house those displaced across the region by the earthquake and the tsunami...

They specifically chose aluminum from Fukushima!

So what makes Fukushima special?!

Oh, yes, right.... I forgot. A meltdown at a nuclear facility that contaminated and made unlivable a huge area. A meltdown that occurred because TEPCO ignored the recommendations and didn't put the necessary safeguards in place to prevent a power disruption in the event of a tsunami!!

So, basically, they are making the torches out of aluminum that highlights the incompetence and negligence of TEPCO and the Japanese regulators responsible for overseeing it!!

Smart! Very smart!!

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Keep on milking the disasters of 2011 while people still suffer because of a lack of actual help. And from the land of the nuclear meltdown? Why? It could be from any other part of Tohoku that suffered, but nope.

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Stop claiming a normalcy in Fukushima!

Everything is not normal in Fukushima!

And no, please don't host Olympic events at Fukushima, Olympic athletes deserve better than this.

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