Australia planning to vaccinate Olympic athletes before Tokyo Games


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Everyone should be

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Well, they have about three years to do it.

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Really disappointed with this decision. I thought perhaps the Aussies would step up and say that it is just not fair for Olympic athletes to jump the cue, just for a sporting event. Hopefully someone else will have the guts, or balls to say that, and get the ball rolling on forcing Japan to cancel the games!

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Aussies dont need to worry at all as there will be no olympics in Tokyo-at least not this year.

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So, the games are going ahead, after all.

Mixed feelings, again, about all this. Surely saving face can't be above Japanese lives (and all who are at risk), can it?

Concentrate on the pandemic, Japan. Please.

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Take your time, it's not happening this year.

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How can athletes have priority over the elderly and vulnerable?

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Yeah, they are probably already standing in line...

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. Surely saving face can't be above Japanese lives (and all who are at risk), can it?

Saving face only perhaps not...but saving face couples with pork for LDP donor companies? Definately...

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What about all the people who need to arrive months before the July start?

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I think this guy is dreaming.

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Maybe, they mean Elderly Athletes.

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How can the athletes have priority over the elderly and vulnerable?

They wont be. Any suggestion that they will get vaccinated before the elderly, vulnerable and health care workers is false and misleading.

Australia purchased vaccines early from overseas sources and also is manufacturing one vaccine type domestically and it has been estimated they will be producing one million doses a week from march this year.

Athletes may be vaccinated early in Phase two of the roll out. Phase one covers those who "need it" first.

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