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Boycotts up to athletes not politicians, say Vonn

By Steve Keating

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Quite an easy out, let the people that have to risk their whole professional careers be the ones if they want to do it. This way big important people with huge salaries don't have to risk consequences, they can just threat the athletes to assume full responsibility for their personal decisions...

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So Allianz is giving support to athletes who willingly come to Tokyo in the middle of a pandemic, putting the residents at risk. How about the people in Tokyo? Or are we expendable so long as we keep buying your policies?

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If athletes want to protest why go to an athletic event? Stay at home and hate on your country where it will make the most of the divisive impact they are looking for.

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I pay to see a sport being played. I buy a ticket to to to a game.

I for one, don't pay money to go to see a social justice protest.

I get enough of that here on JT.

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