Discussions ongoing over Tokyo 2020 Olympic marathon timing to avoid heatwave

By Jack Tarrant

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Come on, 2020 organizers, stick with your original assessment of Tokyo summers: “with many days of mild and sunny weather, this period provides an ideal climate for athletes to perform at their best.”

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Move the marathon to Sapporo, problem solved.

But really, I've no doubt with young innovative blokes like Mori in command, outside the box solutions are just around the corner. I'm surprised no one has encouraged spectators to line the course using uchiwa as a natural cooling method. Or having the capital's merchants hosing down the streets. Or having the runners put ice in those little scarf like wraps the locals use in summer. Seriously, they're on this people!

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Sweet lord! The Reason they have to continue discussing this is because they are effectively avoiding anything that would be a reasonable solution. Here they are AGAIN talking about daylight savings time after rejecting the idea... what? three times now? They are very, very quickly running out of time to do anything useful. Change the date to October or November. That would stop ALL discussion on the heatwave issue and the deaths that WILL occur if you do not. These deaths will be 100% on Japan, and it will go down as part of Japan's Games; the Games that killed people.

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Honolulu marathon starts at 5:00 am. All that needs to be said.

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They are discussing the 'scorching' temperatures, (which are usually way too high for a marathon in August, agreed), but why are none of the organizers mentioning the sweaty 24-hour humidity which will surely be the real killer?

We have discussed this here on JT for not just months but years now, obvious from the beginning to anyone with even an ounce of sense.

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