Gymnastics meet a test of Tokyo's readiness for Olympics

By Elaine Lies and Jack Tarrant

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A “ false” positive test ? Convenient.

maybe the Reysol J league team, the world champ boxing, the baseball players also were “ false “ positives.

The measures to protect the athletes, needed and necessary as they are, sound more like a prison regime. Is that the kind of Olympics to be had in Tokyo ?

On the other side we now have the Vienna Philharmonic performing and travelling in Japan without quarantine.

there is no consistency in the measures

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And they're going to monitor ALL the spectators and do the contact tracing as well? What about follow up testing and possible contact tracing after repatriation? Even if there are false positives, with the first positive they had better isolate the individual, and if it's the athlete how is that going to affect their performance?

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What Olympics?

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We are talking 30 athletes in total, only 22 from abroad. One day event.

The Olympics brings normally an incrowd( athletes, staff,officials, sponsors, media) of roughly 50.000.

Great test

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