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IOC and Olympic Games cannot be referees in political disputes: Bach


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In other words, Bach has gotten more money from Russia and Belarus than he has from Ukraine.

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Let them in and cheating and barbarism prevail; kick them out and an important message is transmitted that this should not prevail. How hard is it, Mr Bach?

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The IOC and Olympic committee are part of our world, and it can not ignore illegal, immoral and murderous acts by giving a free pass to compete as if nothing is wrong to athletes whose nations are committing crimes against humanity and hostile invasions of other members.

The Olympics is about honor and competeing in a manner befitting peace, humanity and common justice and lawfulness. If the Olympic's is unable to take a stand against nations who commit acts or war, war crimes and outright invasion, then it has no business pretending to be about peace and sportsmanship.

Rather than the committee itself making determination is should have a vote of all member states (as the UN general assembly does) and majority rules. If they say Russia and Belarus should not be allowed to compete while Russia is invading Ukraine then so be it.

You can not reward heinous crimes nor can you sweep it under a rug and ignore them. You can not expect Ukraine athletes to face off against Russian athletes whose nation is trying to exterminate Ukraine's existence, like nothing is wrong.

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Mr Bach telling it as it is, without bias.

whether people like it or not the IOC are neutral and must remain so.

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As long as the money keeps rolling in....

In ancient times, the “Olympic Truce”, or “Ekecheiria”, was established to allow safe participation in the ancient Olympic Games. During the Truce period, the athletes, artists and their families, as well as ordinary pilgrims, could travel in total safety to participate in or attend the Olympic Games and return afterwards to their respective countries. However, in those days, athletes competed as individuals, not as representatives of countries, along with all of the nationalistic boasting that now accompanies it.

The IOC are trying to revive it, but it does not include any ceasefire.

Through this global and symbolic concept, the IOC aims to :

a) mobilise young people for the promotion of the Olympic ideals; 

b) use sport to establish contacts between communities in conflict;

c) offer humanitarian support in countries at war ; and more generally :

d) create a window of opportunity for dialogue and reconciliation (from the IOC website)

This seems to be quite different to what Bach is saying, esp. b, c, and d.

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Who is this Bach to imagine he can demand anything of anyone? Politicians are elected by people and represent (for the good or worse) the views of those people. He is too backwards to understand that no sportman/woman from Ukraine feel good competing against russians, konwing that that country tries on a daily basis to kill Ukrainian civilians. Why are people from a country at war allowed in the Olympics anyway - what does that bring in value?

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I agree with him about the IOC not being political cheerleaders.

BUT the Russians have as yet to be punished for their govt. backed doping scandals aside from having to come into the Games as the Confederation of Independent States or some such non-sense.

They should be excluded for doping at least once and this would be an opportune time for that.

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Bach wants all that Russian money ….

8 ( +10 / -2 )

Where were you in 1976 Bach? The Olympics are already political. The IOC is seen by many as a joke these days. Don't add to it by standing on the soapbox now.

Besides, as already pointed out Russia has the doping issue. Don't let them participate under the "same old dermo in a new bottle" label. That's what makes the IOC a joke.

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If South Africa were banned and Afghanistan is currently banned(due to prohibition of female Olympic athletes) from the Olympics, then Russia ought to be banned from Olympics and World Cup as well.

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The Olympic Games and its ruling body, the International Olympic Committee, cannot be referees in global political disputes, its president Thomas Bach said on Wednesday, defending the IOC's plans to includes Russian and Belarusian athletes at the Paris 2024 Games.

But they can override the will of the people along with paid off and compromised governmental and business entities and extract wealth from the public treasury ; even during a pandemic. Example, Dentsu/LDP.

Good on Bach for informing us of IOC limitations.

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So many silly comments here, most against Mr Bach who only does good for the world and the future of the children from all nations.

Sadly we live in a world where the majority view these matters in black and white, with little or no nuance, as if learning the facts rather than parroting the media is too hard for them. I find it incredibly sad.

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The principles of Olympism highlighted below describe Olympic values 

Friendship, respect, excellence, equality, determination, inspiration, and courage

These founding principle and values have long been aa illusion, absurd pretence.

Replaced by rampant commercialism, rapacity in many respects unethical, unprincipled.

Time for a return to a single venue.

President Thomas Bach refusal to acknowledge the political propaganda win the Russian government places on these global sport events is contemptible.

There is no justification for the expense.

The appalling outrageous costs to Tokyo/Japan is a case in question.

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dont mix politics and sport.

Invasion and murder is not politics its criminal. It has no business mixing with sport.

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West does not equate to the world. Russia would not have been excluded from an international conference created by an Asian country.

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More drivel from a corrupt bureaucrat.

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The dispute between those nations is not his business. His job is to promote sport, healthy living, unity and positivity for the present and the future, especially for the children.


Mr Bach is not corrupt, he is a kind and honest man and also can be very generous as I have experienced first hand.

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Womens sports have thrived through a wealth of proven gains to celebrate their role without fear of a toxic undercurrent to advance a political gender specific Identity agenda.

A proven earned success though an important role to encourage women to participate in sports

Timeline: History of women's sports


Womens sports must not be sacrificed at the altar the poisonous agenda to a group of political activists

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