JOC head Takeda likely to retire amid corruption probe


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No court case? no fake bow and appology? no jail time? only golf time on the course.. the system is corrupt..

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You had to choose the guiltiest looking picture lol.

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Step 1: Boycott the Olympics and Olympic advertisers.

Step 2: Get off the couch.

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They should launch these investigations like immediately after the bid is awarded so they can change the city if need be. A slap on the wrist allows corruption to continue in Olympic and World Cup bidding.

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I live in Tokyo. I've decided to travel overseas exactly when the Olympics are here next Summer.

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There needs to be an Interpol alert put out on him and, should he ever venture to a place where the rule of law applies, he should be summarily arrested and incarcerated until he confesses. Failure to hold him to account serves only to embolden the rest.

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Retire? Why doesn’t he resign right now?

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Whoops, overstepped the mark, but being somewhat special for Japanese, free pass. Not like he needs detention or random interrogation. Retire with a warn blanket of serenity.

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Retire for corruption?? Well, that guarantees him a job in government.

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Japanese news says the main problem about him resigning now is that it would give rise to the perception that he’s admitting guilt. How noble and admirable, their robust defence of the presumption of innocence.

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This is rich, as the entire IOC is one of the most corrupt organizations in the world, and has been since its beginning.

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Retire? But I thought you are totally and completely innocent.

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Another spin on this is the JOC is discussing to quickly change the retirement age to 70.

This would allow Takeda to "finish" his time with distinction, only retiring because his age is up and not because of any misdemeanour.

Classic Obfuscation, but there are some members who don't agree with this method of cleaning up.

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