Karate associations vent anger after Paris 2024 exclusion


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Losing out to breakdancing... that has to be a tough one to swallow.

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As someone heavily involved in the karate federation this exclusion is a cruel joke. Thirty years of lobbying and rules changes ( many at the suggestion of the Olympic council ) it’s taken to have our sport included and in one sweep by the Paris Olympics Organising Committee we are out, even before we get to showcase the first one in Tokyo 2020. Now it’s our last already? Karate out , breakdancing and skateboarding in?? Karate is also extremely popular in France , another thing making this decision so confusing.

Breakdancing is cool an all, but really?? What sort of committee would choose to take this route? Our young athletes were energized and excited just sharing the Olympic dream which has been taken away In one cruel and hard to understand swoop.

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Perhaps Karate was never meant to be celebrated in the Olympics.

With Wushu now in the ring fighting for the Olympic inclusion, Karate's chances are too slim.

In the meanwhile, all the Karate competitors can try out at the Taekwondo side.

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How can they have Tae Kwan Do and not karate?

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So they're left empty-handed....

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Every nation holding the olympics gets to choose some sports, they usually choose those that give them medal opportunities, thats why Tokyo 2020 has softball and karate.

Maybe the Karate federation should have offered a little more under the table cash?

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How can they have Tae Kwan Do and not karate?

This is due to the legendary infighting between WUKO and ITKF in the 90s.

Olympic inclusion back in the 1990s was a lot easier than it is today, you just get a majority vote at the IOC and you become an olympic sport. Taekwondo gained its Olympic status in 1992.

If there wasn't an infighting between WUKO and ITKF, I am sure Karate too would have gained an Olympic status in the 1990s. Then the Olympic size grew too large and it was capped at 28 sports max, and one sport had to be removed in order for another to gain Olympic status.

By the time the Karate world got its acts together, it was too late and becoming a new Olympic sport became exceedingly difficult. Combined with the Chinese national policy of Wushu's inclusion in the Olympics, Karate has no chance now.

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But... Breakdancing? Why not something with more of a French flavor... Like parkour?

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Losing out to breakdancing... that has to be a tough one to swallow.

Awesome comment!!

I mean, who knew that breakdancing was still "a thing"?!

Guess I need to pull my old boom box out of the monooki and throw on my Ollie and Jerry tape!

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which included surfing, skateboarding, sport climbing and breakdancing.

What's next? A hot dog eating contest?

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What's next? A hot dog eating contest?

Japan should have suggested that for the 2020 Olympics!!

Takeru Kobayashi vs. Joey Chestnutt!!


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Losing out to breakdancing... that has to be a tough one to swallow.

It's still just under consideration, lol.

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Karate is boring. Unless your watching Kobari Kai.

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Oops. “Cobra” Kai

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Until darts is included I refuse to watch this five-ring sideshow.

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I can understand why some are included while others excluded, but there are some particularly odd choices this time around. Karate was obviously included in Tokyo for the first time because of Japan's gold medal history in the sport and 2020 being on home turf, but for it then to not make the cut and break dancing stand a better chance? The only reason I reckon breaking would get in is because they IOC and hosts, as well as broadcasting companies are absolutely desperate for funding and sponsorship, and getting young blood (we hope... I can only picture break dancers from the '80s -- "Breakin's a memory, dude!" -- as a satire) in, which is why I'm positive it won't be long before e-sports become part of the spectacle.

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Breakdancing??...lol , what'll be next, Underwater basket weaving?

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