2 more Tokyo 2020 Olympic events rescheduled to beat the heat


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Tokyo 2020 organizers said on Thursday two more Olympic events, the triathlon and equestrian cross-country, have been rescheduled to earlier start times to combat the expected sweltering summer heat.

Here's a thought, seeing as how the JOC is trying to cover it's butt's here, let's get the Olympic propaganda ministry into action and make this the world's first midnight games?

Hell I am quite sure they could hire Dentsu for the PR, and to run it, seeing as how their employees are already hard at work in the middle of the night!

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Organizers said the start time for the men's and women's individual triathlons had been moved up from 7.30 a.m. to 6.30 a.m., while the mixed team relay would also begin an hour earlier at 7.30 a.m.

How about pushing back the start time to 7:30am Oct. 10?

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How about pushing back the start time to 7:30am Oct. 10?

More like pushing "forward", seeing as how going "back" to October 10th would mean two months ago!

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I am just waiting for them to reschedule the swimming events to an earlier time due to concerns about the heat!


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How about pushing back the start time to 7:30am Oct. 10?

More like pushing "forward", seeing as how going "back" to October 10th would mean two months ago!

When I say "October 10" I mean 2020, not two months ago.

"Pushing back" means delaying, in this case about 3 months.

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Have another cup of coffee, it's called sarcasm!

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It's not turning out to be the "Tokyo" olympics, is it?

What a mess!

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Move the marathon to the Kuril Islands and allow me to enjoy my time in Sapporo in peace.

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In another setback for organizers, high levels of E.coli bacteria forced Tokyo officials to cancel the swimming segment of the Paratriathlon World Cup, a test event for next year's Paralympics.

So it's going to be the Parabiathlon?


Have another cup of coffee, it's called sarcasm!

Sorry, indeed I had not yet had a cup of coffee and I missed your sarcasm, lol.

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You know, just when I was going to suggest that they move these other events to Sapporo, I read the part they already scheduled Another event to Sapporo, in addition to the marathon. So I guess it would make things too backed up at Sapporo to include these events as well? I mean how many events can Sapporo take? especially considering the fact they were lobbying for the Winter Olympics of 2026 anyway.

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A small correction to Jcosplay.

Sapporo will bid and most likely be awarded the 2030 Olympic WInter Games, for both a positive and negative reason. Positive that Sapporo is an ideal place to organize winter games and negative because no European or Asian cities will bid for them. Only the US or Canada could but the US probably will not as they have the 2028 LA Summer Games.   

The Equestrian issue is much more complicated with special stables for the horses and quarantine periods ,etc... so too late to move them to Sapporo where also the equestrian facilities are not on hand or not at sufficient level. 

For the triathlon , I agree, Sapporo would be a better place. Mostly because of the pollution in Tokyo Bay and of course the heat which will make many competitors give up in the 3rd stretch, the running part. Either sick from the water or the heat.

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The Olympics have become too commercialized and should be cancelled.

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Not going to stop people from dying, and the IOC and JOC from being responsible. They'll say, "We could not have known! No one could have possibly predicted this!" Then they'll blame past decision makers, then say they don't need foreign input when hosting international events, etc. Won't matter that it'll be known as the "Death Olympics" -- the relevant organisers have already more than made their dime.

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