National Stadium officially completed ahead of 2020 Tokyo Games


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No mention of the workers who died from overwork building it.

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But is wasn't ready for the Rugby World Cup so 1 out of 2 not bad that's a 50% success rate.

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Tokyo 2020 - Here we come. Wishing the athletes, the organizers, the games officials, the support staff, and the games enthusiasts, a jolly good time.

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Nice propaganda piece this.

A large number of WiFi hot spots have been installed, allowing some 30,000 users simultaneous connections in order to cope with the anticipated high demand due to mass access to social media sites for text and video.

Thought the IOC wasn't going to allow people to post video of  2020 LOL!!!

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Thought the IOC wasn't going to allow people to post video of 2020 LOL!!!

They wont, this is just part of the sales pitch to the people so they can go, "WOW"!

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