Recycling project for 2020 Games medals achieves goal


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So don't bite those gold medals too hard or you're going to scrape off the electroplate

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Silver was most in demand because the gold medals will be made of silver except for their surface areas.

Didn't know this. So actually the winner is 20% 1st and 80% 2nd place.

Also, what is Mori still doing there, he really needs to retire.

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This picture is so typical of Japanese bureaucrat. Old men that probably doesn't know how to rotate an PDF file.

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Wow, making medals out of recycled material. That would totally be a trailblazing environmental gesture if this was 1992.

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Would have preferred to have a photo of the real people who were successful given their due, not Mori

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The nine men who have saved the planet. Amazing! Right now, they are still using their superpowers to convert the remaining 79,979 tons of donated materials into something useful. Ganbare, are you around to continue? I'm getting too emotional and have to lie down.

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Look at these spring chickens, just bursting with energy!

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