Reduction of over 30,000 seats at Tokyo 2020 venues proposed


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perhaps they should cut the seating to the point where the Olympics aren't needed at all.... the money could be better spent elsewhere rather than greasing the wheels of the IOC and its 4 yearly vanity project

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What a clown car!

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Just the result of another lie made by Japan in their Olympic bid. This is actually quit a foolish move. They are relying on revenue from ticket sales and economic boost from foreign visitors to offset the ridiculous cost of hosting the games, but they cut the seating by 30,000 citing cosy cutting? It's not cost cutting! It's profit cutting! Idiots!

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Forget 'omotenashi,' with the way things are going, this is going to be 'isuhanashi' and most likely 'okanehanashi'

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Just another lie really. Why?

Because they said they had the funds to cover the original proposals/plans submitted to the IOC which then awarded them the games.

At 68,000 seats for the main stadium, this will be the smallest capacity stadium in decades.

They build up these cost-cutting methods as examples of great initiative, when in fact they are a result of a lack of truth and foresight.

But the gullible buy it as always.

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A loss of 30,000 seats. How much revenue has that lost the games? Because it won't be the corporate seating or those reserved for the big wigs and their guests. No...their seats will be the last to go.

It's the average Joe...ahem...Shunsuke, who will have to dole out more cash because the seating will be at an even more premium.

Scandalous that they can get away with this!

Why would anyone want to host this ridiculous money pit of an event?

Oh... I wanna watch it. I really do. Won't be able to afford tickets though. That's assuming I can get one in the first place. Today 30,000...tomorrow how many more?

Get the games permanently sited and each participating country can chip in for the upkeep and for the games themselves.

Get the games back to it's home in Greece. The Olympic torch run will be a hell of a lot shorter!! :)

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Cut it to the bone....and it will still leave way too much yen to be pilfered by the corrupt , colluding LDP cronies cartels.

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So there are seats for politicians, sponsors, athletes, invited guest's and their families. And now they are cutting back on available seats, there will be many disappointed sport's fans in Japan and around the world that actually want to "buy" tickets! Especially the people in Japan that are paying all the bills.

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How about cutting all salaries for the JOC to zero, since they have dropped the ball on this numerous times. I bet that alone would pay for the stadium.

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Yup, ditto on the "Games should be permanently held in Greece" idea. This boondoggle will just be added to the national debt, and heaped on the poor working people as usual.

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That's embarrassing, 1 reduction of seats from a promised number,2 will this reduce the "economic" benefits of the Olymipcs. 3 how does it negatively effect the displaced from Fuckashima as the whole point of holding the Olymipcs was for them.

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There should be a Seats cap and set a max budget to host the Olympic.

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Why not put 10 chairs in an open ground. I think at least this should be doable in 5 billion dollars that you are spending. Stop making fun of Japan in the whole world. Have a strict check on why the price is inflating.

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Honesty, integrity, sound planning, and a sense of responsibility are, in reality, not highly developed attributes in the Japanese way of doing things. Sad.

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Japan must make this change because of lack of human resources to come...not enough staff to build, not enough voluntary competent free staff....

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I wonder what the attendance will be for some of the less mainstream events that normally have little media coverage, particularly those without Japanese athletes participating. I wonder if these measures are partly to do with having stadiums full of spectators as well as cost-cutting.

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