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Olympic spectators may be allowed to bring own drinks to beat heat


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Spectators at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games may be allowed to bring their own bottled drinks into event venues, marking a major departure from past security procedures, organizers indicated Thursday.

This should be interesting, I applaud the organizers for their acknowledging the potential problems, yet I wonder how they are going to deal with it from a security stand point?

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Real beer not Budweiser!

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Won't happen, too much at stake. They'd be better off giving away free water if people bring their own bottle, or buy and empty but reusable bottle.

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Wow, thank you. Mighty big of you to allow us not to be required to purchase your marked up Olympic beverages.

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Careful - you don't want to spook the sponsors ... Coca cola and such.

Own drinks? Using "my" bottles ... what next? Free public water fountains convenienly placed to even further reduce the milions of PET bottles that are needlessly used everyday.

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We want to reduce plastic waste

We want to give everyone a clear plastic bag so security runs faster

Wouldn't Hokkaido have been a better choice? More space, better temperatures? Guess Hokkaido Olympics doesnt have the same ring as Tokyo Olympics.

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I hope they install drinking fountains at least. Seriously. I recently went to a track meet at Nissan Stadium in Yokohama and security said there were no drinking fountains in the whole stadium!! The lines for the concessions were pretty darned long until well into the meet.

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If only they had built a National Stadium with a roof .....

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I'll have some Grey goose in my bottle

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"We alone cannot come up with the best ideas. That's why we've invited athletes and other groups, so we can get all kinds of comments about the best ways to fight the heat," he said.

They can't come up with the best ideas by themselves? The best idea is to hold the games in September or October. Holding the games in the hottest and most humid month of the year is such a ridiculous idea. People are going to die!

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It was nothing to do with security, it was pure commerce and greed, as befits the Lords of the Rings. Sponsor-only permitted food and drinks, credit cards, film; the Olympic village protect their income like a mama-bear protects her cubs!

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I was at the Beijing Games and it was way more comfortable than sitting at a baseball game in the middle of August in Japan. Oh and the beer was like 80yen which help me beat any type of heat. Though more expensive than China, people complain about beer prices here in Japan but it is waaaaay cheaper than stadium beer in western countries.

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Good luck with that!

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I sure hope sure. And to the dismay of Japan I can promise you many will also bring dat weed.

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Trying to find measures to keep people cool during the Olympics in Tokyo in the middle of August is like trying to find ways to keep people safe after planning a boat trip into the middle of a typhoon.

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In an effort to reduce single use plastics in Japan....

organizers will distribute transparent plastic bags for their belongings

to an estimated 600 000 spectators (http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/AJ201811020015.html)

Good job, Japan, good job.

...In other news this month:

“The proportion of plastic bags among plastic waste is not big, but charging would be symbolic” of Japan’s efforts to reduce such waste, said Harada.

“We should do it in time for the Tokyo Olympics,” Harada added.


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Reusable frozen bottles of your favourite tipple in reusable cold thermos bags. Keep your forehead cool, and slow melt all day...

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Once again, convenience trumps safety. Imagine every single Spectator carries a thermos with a drink in it. They now either have to check every drink, which they won't do, or just allow it in. Now imagine Simply ONE of those people fills it with a flammabe and/or explosive fluid instead... into a crowd of THOUSANDS. If they are so worried about the heat and potential risk, a more reasonable means of avoiding such risks must surely be available -- like changing the date of what is going to be known as the "death Olympics" in the future.

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But nope... can't do that. Better to increase the risk of terrorism than look silly for putting the Olympics in the dead of summer Simply because cable stations demanded it be so.

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Ticketholders have been prevented from carrying liquids into past Olympic and other major sporting event venues due to anti-terrorism concerns,

Why would the organizers for this Olympics make the ridiculous assumption that terrorist will not try to take advantage of this relaxation of anti-terrorism rules?

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