Survey finds 77% of Japanese think Olympics cannot be held next year


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"Survey finds 77% of Japanese know Olympics cannot be held next year" There, fixed that for you...

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Nope, you failed to understand the English.

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Is it the Olymipcs people are opposed too?, the inconvenience the tax dollars spent the stupidly hot time of year? There are so many reasons to oppose it. But if shops crank up their air conditioning open their doors as some bright bueuracrat suggested the whole of Tokyo will be utopia. Sorry Fuckashima might have got us the Olympics but there is nothing for you, how's those temporary houses going?

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Funny. 77% of Japanese nationals voted for Koike san.

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Survey finds 77% of Japanese think Olympics cannot be held next year

Survey finds 77% of Japanese realize Olympics cannot be held next year

There. I fixed it for you.

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i think it should have been put back to 2024 and the one planed for 2024 put back to 2028.

That would give 4 years to find a vaccine for Covid 19 and everyone to be inoculated.

Without a vaccine, such events like the Olympics could be strip back in number of events and smaller crowds watching.

Currently the USA is a very dangerous place due to Covid 19 not being handled/controlled properly there. Would anyone want to be in the same crowd as USA supporters come to the games ?

Or any from other countries that has rising daily death count from Covid 19.

Until a vaccine is found and handed out, the world could be face years of unknown.

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