Swimming Australia eyes Plan B in case of Tokyo cancellation


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On related news:

The International Olympic Committee is working with the World Health Organization to get all athletes vaccinated in a bid to save the Tokyo Games, The Telegraph reported on Friday.

This is terrible optics, and I am extremely curious how the IOC and WHO can justify vaccinating a bunch of young and healthy athletes before even a single at-risk person.

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"little moment of panic" had been firmly quashed

"If the worst happens and Tokyo is canceled"

If it was firmly quashed, why worry about the cancellation?

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Next, they'll have to investigate and calibrate for any 'delay' in their Zoom conference equipment on their global networks, so that they all hear the starting gun at the same time in their virtual meet!

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The hard part would be all the people in Japan working around the Olympics - vendors, volunteers, transportation, hotels, that would easily suck up 100K doses there. It isn't really about the athletes getting vaccinated. All the other support people would be the problem for Japan, which I can completely understand.

The world is a big place. WHO doesn't control who gets vaccines. Neither does the IOC. In total, there are about 12,000 athletes. Suppose there are an equal number of coaches+trainers and round up to 25,000 traveling to Japan for the games. That's for the entire world. Spread that across 100+ countries ... how many doses does that really take away from the joy and pride those countries gain in competing. A drop in the bucket of vaccines, at least for countries who aren't poor or living under dictators who refuse to use proven vaccines.

If asked, I'd happily delay vaccination for 2 months for Olympic athletes to use. I really enjoy watching the Olympics. I'd have no problem if my doses weren't given to athletes from my country, but to random athletes any other country - even NK, Iran. No strings, except they must compete against anyone selected. No refusal in Judo for a match against someone from Israel, for example.

But that's me. Everyone has different considerations.

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