Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers settle on 6 a.m. marathon starts


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This is the least they can do for the athletes: the marathon in particular is downright dangerous in even early-morning Tokyo summer temperatures. Shameful to see them not given an environment in which they can put forth world-class performances.

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Shops will have to open early too, have to crank up those ACs and open the doors.

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I know that I'm stating the obvious here, but did they never even consider a 21:00 start? The big difference in summer is sunlight. Yes it can get to 30 degrees even at night, but its just humidity. As opposed to dangerous sun heat. Anyone who lives here knows the huge difference between 07:00am and 21:00 in August. And there would be no traffic issues at that time.

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@Tigers you are forgetting the influence American TV has on the event. Your time would not be good for viewing back in the USA.

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qaz, I understand about tv sponsorship money but a safer 21:00 start would mean breakfast time tv in New York. And how many viewers in the US are preparing to watch the marathon events live? Not a single serious candidate for the US in mens or womens. Track & field is a different story.

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If Japan wasn't so stubborn and adopted daylight saving time like the rest of the modern world, the sun would be 1 hour lower and cooler.

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Oh, yes! A 6am start is so much better. It’s only 32’ at 6am. (roll eyes)

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So the 'panel formed to propose solutions to the issues weather may pose for the summer games', AND the domestic and international sanctioning bodies for athletics suggested starting at 05:30, but the great sages that make up the 2020 organizers decided on 06:00.

I wonder what medical advice they took into account? I wonder what professional level sporting experience they all have? Who ultimately made the final decision? How did they make the decision - the head honcho decided or it was a committee vote etc.?

What is the point having a 'panel formed to propose solutions to the issues weather may pose for the summer games' if the organizers just ignore their solutions?

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Preparing for the climate is part of marathon as well. I think it is just the freak temperatures that they are of concern.

I think those marathons with air pollution are no better.

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Kenyan's stars will be at their bests in the heat.

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Maybe they could set the clocks ahead an hour, like daylight saving time... no, never mind.

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Yet more warped Japanese logic at work here....

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Hahaha, no one can beat Japanese team. If 6.00 am isn't sufficient early for the win, then move the time to 4.00 am. Weather bless Japan.

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