Tokyo 2020 Olympic volunteer drive receives 162,000 applicants


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Games Anchor I get...but Field Cast ? meh..

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The shortlisted nominees were "Field Cast," "Games Anchor," "Games Force" and "Shining Blue." The winner will be announced later this month.

Is that the best they could come up with? Seriously? None of these choices make any sense and have no relevance to the games. What the heck is a 'Field Cast'? Did they write a few words on pieces of paper and chose two at random?

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I wonder if they asked any non-Japanese, "what would be a good thing to write on jackets of people there to help Olympic spectators who are a bit lost?" Looking at the nominees, it's hard to think so.

I don't like the heavy use of unpaid staff for a commercial event, but I'm not surprised they got the requisite number of volunteers.

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How about "Olympic Volunteers"?

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My suggestion of “Adjective Noun!” must have been nixed... :(

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