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Tokyo 2020 organizers send mascot voting information to schools nationwide


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betting it'll be an unrecognizable round thing with a sash

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Uhhh... mascots again. Get ready for a monstrosity and laughing stock at the same time.

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Ugh, get ready to be disappointed. Besides I think the Mascot has already been chosen and this is just done for promotion.

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Not in to mascots generally, but it has become part of hosting the Olympics for some unfathomable reason, not just in Japan. Would have been better if they had let the children design it, encourage artistic self expression.

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The organizers sent postcards to over 21,000 schools in Japan with details about the voting process including an ID and password to participate in the step that begins in December.

This is why Japan has such poor IT security, they don't even see the problem with this.

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Nice try for many reasons... but government often do not disclose the cost.., at what expense are all these being done. Most probably be taken up during Social Studies classes and does educate and promote much of ...what?

Cute, nice, pretty..., and all that idealized dreamy characters from Disney to city mascots do attract and promote but they often trivialize and distract from the core values they are supposed to represent. Other than for the media and those that produce such items and may be collectors of such items for profit, people spend money only to eventually waste them as interest is lost and physical space dictates their demise.

So who is really making a profit from all this..?

So who will actually benefit from all this..?

At lease the children can say that they have "participated".

At whose expense..?

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Get ready for Spanky the Cute Fluffy Bunny or similar buffoonery.

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