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Weather watchers record 30 C at 6 a.m. at marathon starting point


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It is already light out at 4am due to the seriously needed two hour daylight savings time, so why not start at 4am?

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You see? The morons are panicking after spending the last two years just praying someone it would all work out. Death Olympics are on their way. That's how they'll be known, as well as for the number of duplicate medals given to people who were winning an event -- or should have been -- but passed out due to heatstroke, or else there will be years of contentions.

What a bunch of morons to hold it at this time of year.

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Relocate the marathon to Hokkaido and start it at a normal time.

We all know how bad the heat gets in summer in Japan - this is utterly dangerous even for super-fit athletes.


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Ah_so: "Relocate the marathon to Hokkaido and start it at a normal time."

So much for the "compact and economic Games" they promised if they do that. The costs and logistics would be phenomenal, and tickets have already been sold for the (finishing of) the event. You're right it's utterly dangerous. They need to swallow their pride, even at the eleventh hour, and change the date to late October -- baseball broadcasts be damned.

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And, by the time they finish it will be in the high 30’s. Good luck with that. I see new records being set at the Tokyo summer Olympics. The records for the most athletes and spectators to die from heat stroke.

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This is so funny, everyone knows it's way too hot, I work up at 4.30 blazing sun 36 degrees jumped into my swimming pool. At 5am not going to run a marathon or engage in any physical activityty but suffer those hat must. Changing time is too difficult for Japanese people so 4am it's sun up 6am stinking hot and away to work we go. Athletes good luck please don't die.

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They never factor in the humidity in these given temperatures.A temperature of 30 degrees with relative humidity of 80% would equate to a 'feel like' temperature of about 39 degrees at 6:00am!

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They should really measure the temperatures during the end time of the marathon as that would have been the hottest.

I think they should just name it Summer Olympics since there's already Winter Olympics, people would at least have certain expectations about the weather.

30 degrees is actually still fine though not great but definitely doable, there are other hotter marathons held in other tropical countries.

Most marathoners will train themselves to condition for the climate, the main concern is that no one can predict the possibility of a heat wave.

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Why don't they just go for summer time ?

At least for 2020. They start it a the beginning of Golden Week (5 become 6) and end it September the 19th since the 20th is Respect your elder day and the 22th is Autumn equinox (6 become 5). People on a regular schedule should have enough time to readjust. For the other ones, company got asked to be adaptable, comprehensive, ... .

This way the marathon is officially at 6 but it is in fact at usual 5.

Perhaps that will evem have a positive impact on reducing electricity consumption.

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It's gonna be one Hell of an Olympics

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people are going to die.

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This is one of those cases where a trophy should be given to anyone who actually participates. Anyone who runs in this thing is putting their life on the line.

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Poor athletes will be running in their pyjamas!

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are dictated by the IOC / broadcasters due to circumstances outside their control.

So lying on their bid was out of their control? Nope. All they had to do was say it would be held in October like the Sane '64 Games and that would thus not be out of control but based on reality

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zichiAug. 2  04:38 pm JST Relocate the marathon to Hokkaido and start it at a normal time.

Then it would no longer be the Tokyo Marathon.

During the Olympics it's not going to be the Tokyo Marathon, which should be run in October in any case.

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So how many people are expected to pass away from heat stroke during the torch relay?

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Japan needs to bring in daylight saving. Double.

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...one major whole reason the Olympics have to be held in August is to satisfy the demand to maximize advertising revenue by holding the Olympics when it does not clash with the NBA, MLB and NFL (as well as EPL, UEFA and other competitions admittedly)."

Yes, it's an American conspiracy. But maybe the reason is because these Olympics are called the "Summer Games" and not the "Autumn Games"?

Anyway, if it weren't for the myriad commercial sponsors, more of the funding would have to come from us, aka "muggins the taxpayer."

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