Olympic champ Hanyu's next goal is quad axel


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Best of luck on the quad. Seems impossible physically.

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Good luck on the quad. not an easy task though.

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Best of luck on the quad. Seems impossible physically.

Definitely not impossible. Physically it can be done - and has likely been done many times by many in training. Hanyu should actually be aiming - long term - for a 5 x rotation. He has at least 3 more Olympics - so why not?

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I think he could pull a quad off.

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Best of luck on the quad. Seems impossible physically.

Are ya talking about him specifically, or for any figure skater physically

Because Chen just did 6 quads (new record) in his free skate


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As some long term commentators of figure skating have said recently - we all hope this wonderful sport doesn't turn into a "Jump Fest".

Hanyu is exceptional and exerts in all facets of the sport, but a pre-occupation with spins is probably not the only way to go. It's been noted by experts that the physics of doing a quin - time in the air to rotate 5 timesaround a central axle - is probably impossible with resistance working against the skater. Only an extremely slim (and powerful) person could even begin to attempt it.

I only began to watch figure skating after moving here, but I can still remember the exciting, fast, dynamic performances of skaters such as Plushenko(sp?) and Alex Yagudin (his footwork was beyond memorizing, along with his quads).

Hate to see all of that go essentially by the way in the hunt for spin.

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A quadruple axle (4 1/2 rotations) is different from a quad (4 rotations).  I don't know how often it has been rehearsed but no one has ever landed a quadruple axel in competition.

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