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Ski jumper Kasai says he'll compete in Beijing Olympics, at 49

By Alastair Himmer

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I like Kasai and good to see him compete. If he is good enough and can make the cut in 4 years more power to him and I will be rooting for him! If he cannot he should not take the place of up and coming athletes.

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Agree with Tokyo Eng. Don't think he should get any preferential treatment but if he's good enough to make the team in 2022 (solely based on 2021/22 season's results not cv/creds) then he should be allowed to represent his country. Give him & other J jumpers a fair go, nothing more, nothing less.

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Good on you, Mr Kasai! I hope he keeps going until he no longer enjoys the sport. No point retiring with regrets - keep going until that unprecedented 10th Games!

Even if he doesnt qualify, his experience and example would be invaluable for all the Japanese kids coming through the sport.

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If he is truly capable, then more power to him.

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Good on him, although like Date-Krumm and Ichiro, or even people who insist on conquering everest or the ocean solo at 75 (and having to be rescued), they should know that they won't have any effect on the winnings. How's he doing this time around, anyway? But like I said, if he makes the cut (no special exceptions), and loves doing it, good on him.

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you would hate to think that any favoritism might land him at the next winter olympics, but you never know. kasai seems like a really nice guy, but can he really compete an an elite level for the next four years?

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As a fellow oyaji, good luck to him! If Kazu Miura can keep going.... Kasai will only qualify by continuing to compete at the World Cup, so he won't get a free pass to the next games. Like jpn guy says, not making the 1998 team that won gold hit him hard and here we are twenty years' later.

On the subject of ski jumping and gold medals, it looks like Sara Takanashi may have peaked at the wrong time to get one. She has completely dominated the sport for years, but as far as the media is concerned, her fifty WC victories don't equal a gold medal.

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"I only showed roughly half of what I'm capable of. The other half I will show in four years."

If he still only shows half though (except it's the other half), that won't help him

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sort of like the government and business, just keep the old guy because of experience, wonder how many younger guys wont get a chance because of this selfish individual. 49? come on man hang it up, move on

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Very selfish. Time to hang up the skis and let someone else shine. He isn't even that good.

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