Belgian designer to insist Tokyo changes Olympic logo


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I do hope they do.. The Japanese Olympic logo is just.. ugly plain and simple! The Japanese can do much better than what they have; and could really amaze the world. Will they change it though? Heck no.

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It's very very common for companies to attempt to register a trade mark only to have it successfully opposed by someone once the mark has been published. Tokyo 2020 should have foreseen this as a possibility and conducted a much more comprehensive search, especially since the design is so simple and commonplace. There is alot of time to come up with a new and better design.

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I guess he'll be paid off, the design will stay and taxpayers will just have to toss more of their hard-earned money into the Olympic black hole.

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The current logo is quite unoriginal. Change it!

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The logo has been tainted either way, just scrap it. Hold another competition but this time don't limit to those who won some award; I've witnessed many great logo thought up by some children under age 10. And make sure the public gets to vote on it, not some committee that has proven to be nothing but a failure so far. Also simply award the winner with VIP seating during the opening and the closing. Involving the public will get back interest as well.

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change it japan immediately thats no problem for you put something that your country is proud of like fujiyama and sakura, your too original for them, you know way better! okashi janai desu ka?!

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Once again, the guy flat out copied it -- even the font is the same, and THAT is not coincidence. One thing for sure is that the Theatre Liege and the designer of the logo are getting a HECK of a lot of attention from it. "Tokyo, Tomorrow and Team" is also a stupid motto because it is exclusive -- singles out Tokyo, and if I'm not mistaken now not all of the venues will be there, so it can't possibly be followed by "team" and seriously mean it, and lacks an Oxford comma to boot!

Yes, get design ideas from everyone, kids included. Plagiarists like Sano could learn a few things from them. The logo of the rings is pretty good, I think, though.

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Pretty bad when you cant even get the logo thingy done..........

No idea if this guy "borrowed " any ideas or not but..............just seems Japan just cant catch a break & yeah Tokyo, Tomorrow, Team........that is just AWFUL!!!

Come on Japan I slag you a lot only because you deserve it, BUT you can do better STEP UP will ya!

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A Belgian designer will approach the IOC and the organizers of the Tokyo Olympics to change the logo of the 2020 Games because it bears too much resemblance to his emblem for the Theatre de Liege.

These games are turning out to be a comedy of errors for Japan, as opposed to a testiment to the country's "legendary" reputation for organizational effeiciency. First it was having to relocate a bunch of events outside of Tokyo -- against the specifics in their bid proposal to stage a "compact games". Then it is/was the on-going Olympic stadium fiasco, including the public spat involving the Tokyo Governor and who is going to foot the bill. And, now, the logo. Japan Inc. certainly ain't what it used to be. But, then again, most of us knew that anyway.

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Whether the designer knew about that logo or not, it has to be changed since it's too tainted now

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