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Japan boxer's loss overturned after appeal; judges under fire amid 'fix' claims


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one incident after another, so much for "sport".

i wonder where this referee is from? i don't think i've ever heard of a bout in which one of the opponents was knocked down so many times.

and the referee didn't even give him one standing count?

that is obviously not only an obvious transgression on the part of the referee, but dangerous to the health of the fighter that was knocked down.

it would be unconscionable that the AIBA not sanction the referee.

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I do not remember an Olympics so full of controversial calls and issues. Or, maybe it is because I am paying attention...

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Good that Japan is now speaking out and exercising assertiveness. In the past, they used to just accept whatever was handed. Keep up the improvements Japan!

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Seems like the referees are the amateurs at these Olympics, and not the athletes.

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Sounds like he won but just watched the BBC who said a decision was still pending.

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The London Games = full of controversy! And people need to stop alleging that certain countries have undue influence over the results/appeals. It's getting tiring.

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The olympics are full of fixes, money and drugs. Have been for years. There is no getting around it, once you place a strong emphasis on winning. (Back in the day, participating and enjoying was almost the goal, and bronze and silver were as good as gold, as far as an amateur going to a big tournament and being one of the best)

Now it is pro, gold or nothing, big big business for the the host and the IOC. Win no matter what? National pride on display?

Bribe, dope, cheat.

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the disciplinary actions of world governing body International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA).

Having expelled a Turkmenistan referee from the Games, suspended a German referee for five days and sent home a technical official from Azerbaijan following two controversial decisions


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"They, therefore, overturned the result, handing victory to Shimizu, who was staggered by the original decision hours earlier."

Where's TokyoTom complaining about Japanese uproar when he very clearly stated earlier objections only come from Chinese and Koreans? Seems pretty clear there's a lot of complaining going on by various nations, especially in judo and boxing. At least in the former they now have video -- the latter still seems full of problems. Right or wrong on any of these verdicts, there have been FAR too many problems with judges during these games.

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Cry, Cry and Cry like babies. Is not what they do all the time with fights that take place in Japan?

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Wow, Japan really has a lot of influence! It seems Japan is getting all the good calls at these Olympic Games. Lucky! Too bad South Korea's got none of that and seems to only be getting the short end of the stick. It just goes to show how important it is to have people in the sports associations and connections. I think Japan is at least 20-30 years ahead of Korea in terms of this.

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