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Brazil women stun U.S. for volleyball gold; Japan wins bronze


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Beat Korea for the bronze? nice, that'll impress the 44% of Koreans who hate Japan. Nice work Volleyball girls.

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What a bunch of teasers the Brazilians are, letting the Americans beat them in the preliminaries, then letting them romp in the first set of this match before showing them who the luckiest team is, ha ha

OK, the Brazilians played pretty well, congratulations to them for pounding the Americans in sets 2, 3 and 4.

And congratulations to Japan on their bronze, it had been too long since the last volleyball medal for Japan. It must really irk the Koreans that Brazil got the gold and they leave with nothing being as how they beat the Brazilians 3-0 in the preliminaries.

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Congrats to the Japanese women! The disgraceful nationalism shown by one S. Korean soccer player makes the bronze medal in women's volleyball, an important sport in Japan, all the sweeter for the Japanese people.

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Congratulations to Brazil for winning the gold. Also, congrats to the U.S. for silver and to Japan for bronze. I noticed that the Japanese women didn't show any sort of nationalism as did by the Korean soccer player. They just hugged each other in a pile, shed tears of joy for winning the first medal in Olympic volleyball for Japan in 24 years, shaked the Korean players' hands, and then walked off the court to do their interviews. No extracurricular activities or political messages whatsoever. That's how it should be done.

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Congrats to the girls for getting the Bronze. Good job, ladies!

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Great job ladies of Japan! Even the NHK announcers and commentators were excited! It was good to catch a glimpse of Obayashi-san! Again, magnificent job ladies!

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Even though the Brazilians won the match, scoring a total of 86 points, 7 more points than the Americans' 79 points, the fact remains they lost the first set 25-11, heh heh.

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Thaisa Menezes needs to lose those ugly tattoos, too.

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Yay, Japan! This has been a great Olympics for us! Lot's of guts and lots of effort. On top of that, great team spirit and sportsmanship! Woo hoo!

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The US women just learned how to be the #1 ranked team in the world, but they still have to learn how to win Olympic gold. Baby steps. The first set drubbing probably didn't do them any favors - gave them a false sense about how a gold medal match really is.

In other news, Brazil got its tables turned in the men's championship - won the first 2 sets against Russia, then lost the final 3 sets and the gold.

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Hey, the USA and Brazil each took 4 sets from each other in this Olympics - it's a tie!

What! No double volleyball gold for the Brazilians? What the heck is wrong with the Brazilian men, ha ha!

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