Britain congratulates itself for job well done

By Alan Baldwin

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I can't recall a games where there was so much passion and enthusiasm from the host coutry. The jammed packed main stadium roaring on Mo Farrah, the millions lining the routes of the marathon and cycling road race, the massive fully packed stands at the rowing, the equestrian, the swimming, the beach volleyball it goes on (apart for a few seating glitches of unused official seats) The aerial shot of Hyde park in the Triathlon showing what looked like at upwards of half a million spectators. I wish I could have been there, It must have been epic. A few friends were and they were truly blown away. Britain proves bigger isn't better, better is better. Haven't enjoyed a games this much since Sydney. Kudos London. England, Britain. Kudos.

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The games went off very well, but from what I read and what an English friend told me, the London restaurants and merchants were disappointed by the lack of business, which was attributed to local authorities warning citizens and casual tourists to avoid the area. My friend told me many Londoners left town beforehand.

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Well done indeed on being a perfect host. Love the country for who they are. Great benchmark for Tokyo on its bidding for 2020.

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It is so British. The 80's rock and roll, 007 actor, the Who (senior Who) , spice girls (re-run).

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We should present a Gold medal to Britain for their success in security job. The job well done!

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Carcharadon - you said it!

It seems like everybody was involved. Over 70,000 volunteers gave their time and energy. Physically challenged people were well represented at the opening and closing ceremonies. The music was superb. Everything was handled well and there were no security problems.

There was even good weather!

It was a job very well done.

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Were they lip-synching?

I already erased my recording of the closing ceremony, so can't check, maybe somebody was, but I specifically remember one singer running from his bike/car entrance up big stairs to join his band, being out of breath and hearing it in his singing as he became weak from lack of air and then unnaturally strong on the next word which would usually not be accented.

As for that closing ceremony, tho, MINUS 5 STARS for the stupid NHK j-announcers, who kept announcing inappropriately, the singers and then making statements like "now lots of dancers have collected around the lead singer!!" a)in a fake excited voice, and b) which we could see w/our own eyes. Absolutely awful. Then, halfway through, they started talking on and on about totally unrelated things, various olympic matches they remembered, talked all the way through several of the acts. I couldn't believe it. They should be fired, really. Let the performers perform. Don't need your opinion about extraneous stuff.

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I loved the Opening Ceremony. It was so British indeed.

Haven't watched the closing yet but plan to do it as soon as I have a couple of hours to spare.

Great Games, Britain! A job well done.

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As an Englishman I can say for certain that 'British patriotism' is pretty much an oxymoron. Except right now.

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Were they lip-synching?

That's what people were saying and that's how it sounded to me when I heard some of the artists. I'm sure it was only a few, and it sounded at the very least like they were using recorded background vocals, if not outright lip-synching à la Ashley Simpson. The choruses sung by the Spice Girls and the Pet Shop Boys sounded a bit too perfect to me. Didn't see George Michael but people said he mimed his second song - great PR for his new single.

If people feel the need to lip-synch, then go ahead. But it's mighty hypocritical when you criticize other countries for doing the same - where are all those posters who were bragging that all the vocals were live this time. Deafening silence.

My friends were volunteers there and they enjoyed it. I enjoyed watching some of it - The Kinks singer and Annie Lennox (though I would have preferred one of her other songs). Couldn't be bothered to sit through all of it. Far too long.

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Well, I guess I was not paying enough attn. Spice Girls type groups often tend to lip synch their show I understand, for one b/c they are so dance-heavy, it is unrealistic to sing through all the heavy moves. That one guy I do remember being out of breath as he ran to the stage, tho. As for theChina thing, I thot the whole point was that the young singer with a good voice had a chubby face or something, and they put up a pretty girl to be her mouthpiece, and on top of it she become world famous for a few instants b/c everyone thot she was the real hot singer. In my mind that is different from a pop band lip synching their own show due to dance moves (or not being top musicians even) as they are lip synching themselves at least, and especially considering the ages of those Chinese girls, it seemed a little cruel to me. Showcase your humanity, the real talent of the ppl, not just a fake model.

Yes, I was very psyched when A lennox came out, and a cool entrance too, unfortunately that was one of the acts the go**am NHK announcers decided to talk all the way thru. Many acts seemed like they would 've been enjoyable, but thanks to the NHK hacks, were hard to hear. Oh well... Your friends must've had a good time being there with it.

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