Brutal cold raises concerns over Olympics opening ceremony


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Fancy that, a cold Winter Olympics! Gotta love the global warming.

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Wonder if they can do their best under such terribly cold weather.  Too cold weather is inappropriate place for games.

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Moron Moon of SK probably thinks that his bending over to NK and its farce cheerleaders will warm the hearts of everyone present. Don't worry, the Korean peninsula will heat up very quickly very soon

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Haven't these people heard of coats?

Anyway, the cold weather is the reason why future winter Olympics will be held in Qatar. Bribery has nothing to do with it.

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Better than too warm. We can all look forward to sweltering in the summer heat in 2020...

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Global warming be damn*d

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they should move it to summer. I've heard it is warmer

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Cold can be dealt with, to an extent. Extreme heat, on the other hand, cannot.

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I feel so bad for the winter olympians being forced to compete in winter temperatures with where it’s so cold that water is literally frozen into ice and snow is falling from the sky instead of a snow machine!


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Australian athletes have been training in the frozen food section at Coles & Woolworths

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From one of the warmest in Sochi to one of the coldest - amongst its latitude, Pyeonghcang is one of the coldest places


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