High-flying Nadeshiko Japan plan to wear the gold on trip home


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What was that comment again? ROFLMAO!!!

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ROFL! I love good jokes! You need them in sports. That's the problem, nobody has sense of humor anymore.

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Bass4funk,You are right,it is just a game,so perhaps the U.S should have done the right thing and conceded the game. Cheers!

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You said it perfectly. There is a mutual respect between both teams and of course, both teams want to win, but they were hanging out with one another and did a little practice together and talked in interviews and admire each other and as you said, that is TRUE sportsmanship, they are excellent examples of how it is done. They show grace and maturity and mutual respect for the game, the Olympics, their teammates and the world. I really wish them nothing but the best. I want to see a great match.

As for my Canadian brethren, The game is over, the ref called it, move on, there will most definitely be other matches to come in the future, work hard, wait for the rematch and look forward to that, something to strive for. Getting angry or calling foul doesn't serve you well, reflects poorly and shows lack of sportsmanship. You can't turn the clock back. If the result were the opposite you wouldn't have had a problem with the results had the ref ruled in your favor, right? All I am saying is, you can blame the ref, think it's unfair, but she made a decision and as such, she felt she made the right call, so there is nothing to be done about it. Sometimes, you guys make it a personal thing, when it is NOT. I'm calling you guys on it. The whole Canadian hating on the US for NO reason is dumb, dumb, dumb, get over it. Leave the nationalism at home and enjoy the Olympics, get a cold one and enjoy. A lot of events didn't go so well for a lot of people. As an American and as most Americans, we don't care, nor do we have a problem with Canada at least the majority of us. It's a nice country. Been there 18 times. This is one of the few times that the world can come together peacefully and you guys worry about one measly game, when there are more to come?!! Give me a break and grow up!

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Canada was the winner of that Semi-final, but referee manipulated the result. What a shame.

And you are totally entitled to your opinion. ROFL

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Well,Good luck Japan! kochikame,Thank you for your comments.You are right.The USA shouldn't be in this game! I guess they have no pride.

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One thing's for sure, you won't see the level of animosity as between Canada and the U.S., as with the U.S. and Japan. They share a mutual respect for each other and heard on both sides how glad they are facing each other. Both sides want to show the world a good game and put on a great show (as they did in the World Cup). We could even see it go to sudden death. Good luck to both teams and I hope to see a great match.

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World champions Japan don’t care if they travel first-class or economy

Oh yes they do. In fact they made no secret of the fact they resented flying economy to London.

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Great attitude Miyama-san! Do your best, and it has been a great year or so for the ladies of Japan soccer! And, as always, "GANBARRE, NADESHIKO!!!"

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The wearing would be to rub it in to the boys.Imagine they get the gold and the boys finish 4th!! Oh the tension on the flight back would be off the charts.I 'd wanna be on that flight to witness it.

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As for the women's Volleyball match, the Semi-final Brazil X Hinotori Nippon(Japan), it'll be tough to cheer for any of the countries, as I have my roots in both countries... I wish it was the Final, not Semi-final. Either team loses, It'll be sad.

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I want Nadeshiko Japan wins the Final tomorrow, Thursday(August 9), as USA qualified for the Final because the referee robbed the match...Canada was leading by 3 X 2, and then, she gave an indirect free-kick to USA, saying goalkeeper kept ball for more than 6 seconds...Such rule hasn't been applied by any referee in the past.... Canada was the winner of that Semi-final, but referee manipulated the result. What a shame.

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All my friends are p.o'd that I want Nadeshiko to make it 2 for 2. Come on Ladies...Take the gold. Prove to the non- believers that the W.C. was no fluke. In this case,I will be more than happy with silver. Seriously, how hard can it be to shutdown Rapinoe, Morgan & Wambach? hehehe

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Two heart-wrenching decisions for the Japanese today: Nadeshiko vs USA, and Japan vs Brazil in the volleyball semifinals. A hard day ahead!

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Captain Aya Miyama played down a pre-Games row when they flew to London in the cheap seats while the men’s team were in business class, saying “we’re pretty small, so it doesn’t really matter.”

Rare to hear these days.

May the best team(s) win!

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Hopefully they get the chance, but they've got to win it first. Best of luck to both teams!

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But coach Norio Sasaki said whatever seats his players are in, they plan to be wearing gold medals.

We'll see. Hope they and the country aren't too crushed if things don't go their way. Might be too much pressure/expectations when you make the game bigger than it is when you start saying things like

Through our competition, the Japanese people will be able to take some energy and encouragement from this team,”

This is just a soccer match afterall.

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Good point! Any medal is better than NO medal at all!

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I just want them to get the respect and recognition they deserve wheather it it silver or gold. That starts with them taking the front seats in place of a bunch of boys still waiting for their faces to clear up. (And who by the way have won NOTHING as of this post.)

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Well, both teams feel the same, both are a bit over-confident. This could go either way, make no mistake I want to see the US win! GO USA!! But Japan has proven itself to be a formidable player for sure. So anyone thinking of calling a sure winner here would be a fool. I just hope 1) they have a decent referee and 2) Whoever wins, the loser will take it in stride, keep their chins up and show good sportsmanship. Remember in 4 years, Rio will be waiting.

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