Ivanka Trump to attend Winter Olympics finale in S Korea


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Ivanka Trump is set to attend the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics in South Korea on Sunday in the latest high-profile visit to Games which have been dominated by the North Korea crisis.

No it hasn't been dominated by the "North Korean Crisis", maybe there was a little "noise" at the begining, but overall the games themselves (rightly so) have taken center stage!

No need to stir an empty pot! Wait till the games are over and then go back and fire up the rhetoric!

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She's on her way to China anyway to make sure the manufacture of her new clothing line is going well.

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Games which have been dominated by the North Korea crisis.

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What a ridiculous assertion. I’m here. Week one was dominated by the cold and cold winds. Overall, it’s been dominated by Norwegians!

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They should have sat her in front of the NK sister - then NO ONE would have been looking at the NK sister...

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That’s a good move actually. This way there is no chance of another SK and NK ambush like at the opening ceremony with Pence.

NK had the chance for dialogue at the start of the games, they unsurprisingly blew it. They won’t get another chance

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Kim Yo Jong and Ivanka Trump. Tit for tat.

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Who cares!!!!

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Oh good, plastic Barbie here is representing us on the international stage. What a proud moment for America.

Is there no limit to how low she will go for attention? She doesn't belong in the government, she has no skills whatsoever besides being the object of desire for her father.

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CrazyJoe - Plastic Barbie? That's offensive to blonde modelesque women everywhere. She went to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. And your credentials are...

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Why? To sell her crappy products? Because Daddy's too much of a coward to go?

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Trump's 'advisor?'

What a farce, worse than that Kim Jong impersonator.

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Add this to daddy's weekly travel to play golf, and we have the most expensive first family in history.

Remember all the republican whining anytime Obama took a trip? Republicans are all liars, cheats and hypocrites.

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Explained yesterday related to the following JT article post...


Trump uses specific emissaries, only the most trustworthy, for critical geopolitical messaging in advance of big action.

White House Delegation Announcement here...


Ivanka carries the diplomatic message (some excerpts from yesterdays post) of WTO Trade challenge by SK.

[…] Justin from Canada recently signed up to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. With that decision the fatal flaw -from a U.S. perspective- just became the final straw to end the U.S. participation in NAFTA.

The U.S. cannot make any bilateral trade deals with TPP nations while those same TPP nations have an alternative access route to the U.S. market through Canada via NAFTA.

Therefore the only way for President Trump to finish a trade agreement with South Korea (current tense negotiations – see Samsung etc.) is to first remove their NAFTA alternative. Anticipating this reality S-Korea also filed a WTO trade challenge earlier today.

Understandably, South Korea is currently hosting the U.S. Olympics and it would have been extremely poor form, very impolite, and economically very destabilizing for Moon Jae-in if POTUS Trump had made the NAFTA announcement in the months/weeks leading up to their international spotlight event.

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She went to the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Her Dad went there too. That speaks volumes....

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Ivanka Trump vs, Kim Yo Jong, settle the Korea issue once and for all............ in mud wrestling, go!

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first pence and now her...what did korea do to deserve this?

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