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Jamaica wins 4x100 relay giving Bolt 9th gold; Japan takes silver


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Great effort from Japan's sprinters to take silver ahead of the Americans.

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The Japanese runners were terrific. They were not only fast, but also super at passing the baton. And they beat the Americans, something I would not have predicted (The US was eventually disqualified on a technicality)

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Sensational race - great job to Bolt (never beaten in Olympic finals) and super job to Team Japan! I thought they would nab the bronze all along, but they were right in the mix for gold there until Usain took charge! Curious as to why the quickest Japanese runner, Kiryu, was not running anchor? Perhaps he could have held off Bolt at the end where Cambridge was fading... but I doubt anyone could!

Run on to 2020, Usain - your nation needs you to hold off these young, hungry Japanese superstars!

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Jamaica was sensational as always. And Japan was amazing. USA got DQ for the 3rd Olympics in a row, so Canada claims bronze.

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paulinusa - yah, what happened there? I saw the US anchor step on the lane line, but that was after the finish line.

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And Bolt gets his 'triple-triple'. Amazing. Good for him - he'll be remembered in the history books for decades to come.

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"Dan LewisAUG. 20, 2016 - 11:32AM JST paulinusa - yah, what happened there? I saw the US anchor step on the lane line, but that was after the finish line."

USA got DQ for passing the baton too early. They passed the baton before crossing the first line of the change zone, which is illegal.

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Well done Japan, incredible effort! Kiryu was awesome on the bend. perhaps that why he was running bend.Cambridge was also clutch on the anchor, he held off the rest, no mere feat! The USA, wow. the BCC analysed the change in depth, and in super slow mo, their panel of experts including Michael Johnson took a deep look, such a close call. incredibly pedantic by the judge. maybe the same judge who robbed the GB 4x400m team? either way some shoddy officiating this T&F .

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Take Bolt out of the picture and Japan are most likely gold medallists. Bring on 2020.

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Congratulations, Japan on a brilliant performance. Your hard work and teamwork are to be applauded. You earned the silver medal and your country is proud of you.

And a big thumbs down to the American squad once again. Maybe you guys should start watching video of the Japanese to see how it's supposed to be done.

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On top of being technically close to perfection J guys showed they also have serious pace, massive congrats to them! What an achievement in a discipline with so much quality.

I think it will be a massive morale boost to all young Asian sprinters, J girls/guys in particular. They matched the likes of Powell, Blake, Gatlin, de Grasse, Bolt etc. Just wow!

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That was a spectacular effort by all involved. Bolt is definitely in a class all by himself. Winning 9 out of 9 gold medals in three Olympics will get you that. As for the Japan men, congrats on securing a spot on top of the podium. Such blazing speed matched with precision on the passing of the baton. That's what makes the relay so exciting. You need to have speed as well as technically sound mechanics.

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Shar999 - thanks!

Bummer, but I guess adrenaline takes over a bit in the heat of things.

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Great silver medal for Japan.

I can't believe some ignoramuses were hinting that the Japanese team only got a silver due to Asuka running the anchor leg (and we all know what that implies, wink wink).

Nothing could be further from the truth. The Japanese have always excelled at the sprint relays, as they are always on the mark technically. No sloppy nonsense. Asuka isn't even the fastest sprinter on the Japanese national team (his teammate Yoshihide is based on 100/200 meter PR times).

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You would have thought by now that the USA would have learned there lesson by now. DQ again? thats sloppy.

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The guys from Japan WOW,,,,so happy for Japan,made my day

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That was awesome! Shame the US keeps disqualifying itself, but that's part of the game. Not saying the end result would have differed without a doubt, but there's a good chance the medal ranking would have been different. Good job Japan, and Canada. And needless to say, Bolt and Jamaica.

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I predict a comic book character called The Bolt. Conductor by nighttime, recharges at home in the daytime.... Knows how to conduct with a baton....

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None of the Japanese runners has broken 10 seconds yet in a 100-meter race. For the Americans, Rodgers has done 9.85, Bromell has done 9.84, Gay 9.69, Gatlin 9.79.

That's why

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