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Japan beats Egypt 3-0 to reach Olympic men's soccer semifinal


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Great game! Hope Nagai's injury isn't too bad. Congrats to both mens and womens teams making the semis

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It was a good game, although until the 23rd minute or so Egypt was doing nothing but giving the ball away to the Japanese team. The Japanese team still dominated passing throughout, in my opinion, while when the Egyptians passed they didn't stop the ball well, but the Egyptians became a lot more aggressive and had some awesome chances until they blew it in the end. Even down one player for the better part of the game they put the Japanese to the test. Good on both teams, and now Japan has a shot at a medal.

GW: So what were you saying about the men and women again? :)

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Great first 6 minutes, fast and creative play on Japans part.....after Nagai`s leaving the whole game went bad. Sure Japan got a deserved victory, but the lack of creativity was just painful to watch. Three goals against a so so team consisting out of 10 players and later on 9 players isn't that great of a feat.

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Sugoizo! Samuai Blue ! Scorn and cynicism will get you NOWHERE! They made the semi finals! Without giving up one single goal I may add! Ganbarre J-Men!

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This was a very rough game. Egypt was called on 13 fouls, Japan on 11 fouls. Both of the last two goals for Japan came after Egypt fouled and turned over the ball. Nonetheless, Japan outplayed them and the Japanese players were very humble and friendly toward their opponents at the end of the match.

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Congratulations, good to see offence

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Looks like they're earning their business-class seats for the flight home. ;-)

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Another Bronze on the cards? The Socceroos should have entered, might have got the Canary yeloows some bling. Go Japan!

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Great game! Go Japan!

YongYang - Australia tried to enter, but they didn't qualify for the Olympics. A shame, because it would've been nice to see them there.

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GW: So what were you saying about the men and women again? :)


Not sure which of my many colourful insightful posts yr refering to haha BUT if it was the one where I said the men cud learn from the women in regards to scoring, looksl ike they did last nite!

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If Japan and South Korea advances to the final match, it may be the memorable one. No matter what the outcomes from now on, both two teams from the far east certainly showed their existences through many tough matches such as Japan over Spain or Korea over Britain.

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