Japan reaches women's volleyball semis


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That was really close. Didn't watch the last set as I'd switched over to gymnastics but good play by everyone. The Chinese must be sick to their stomachs as they'd qualified for the Olympics easily and the Japanese scraped through at the last moment - taking the last available slot - if I remember correctly, I think even Thailand was playing at the same level as Japan.

I see either Brazil or USA winning the gold - these teams seem to be doing really well. I wouldn't even put it past Korea to get bronze too - they've improved so much recently. My main gripe was that I thought Group B had too many strong teams and group A had more weaker teams.

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YES YES YES !!!!! Hurray JAPAN !!!

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What a bunch of teasers the Japanese women volleyballers are, letting the Chinese women win two sets, and score 16 points in the 5th set before showing them who the superior team is!

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At the same time giving semis to Japanese across the land.

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The Japanese also gave the Chinese two match points! What a bunch of teasers, ha ha!

And the sight of Kimura lying on the court in ecstacy with Wang Yimei in total dejection - a classic!

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Many thanks to both teams for giving us one of the most exciting matches in volleyball history!

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Must have been humiliating for the Chinese to lose the match by failing to handle Nakamichi's non-jump serve.

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