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Japan ruling party to recommend sacking of Olympic sports association head


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Feel sorry for this chap. If anybody needs to be thrown under the bus its the Prime Minister. It's also interesting to see Taro Kono named, who like his father is one of the few LDP politicians I trust. I'm just hoping this drags on for another six months or so, the longer it lasts the more certain people will squirm. It would also be nice if the architects who were stiffed launched a nice bit lawsuit. That should drive up costs.

Whatever the case, at the end of the day the cost blowouts for construction of the stadium will have one cause, the all too cozy relationship that the general contractors have with the bureaucracy in this country.

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Why don't they hire Donald Trump? He would get things done, and the US can get him out of their hair for a few years!

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if anyone should go it should be mori. he's about as inept as one can get. perhaps that's why he's a successful politician.

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Funny how that old codger Mori has been absent throughout this entire grilling. What's his role again?

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He may be busy going over the pronunciation of O-mo-te-na-shi with Crystal Akutagawa.

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@sighclops I think that Mori has been absent is among the problems; who is in charge? Honorary President of the Tokyo Olympic Committee Mori, Honorary President of the Tokyo Olympic Committee Mitarai (how come nobody talks about him?), Sports Minister Shimomura, Olympic Minister Endo, Japan Olympic Committee President Takeda or Prime Minister Abe? Way too many chefs in the kitchen...

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Scapegoat #2!

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due to a lax selection process.

Totally corrupt! Reboot the government please!

The designers even said the construction companies were chosen before the design was even finalized or awarded.

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Sounds Takenaka and Taisei neglected LDP tops. Maybd Mori is busy returning something?

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We all knew he was the scape-goat as soon as he was chosen for the job. I wonder who will be next to step up to the chopping block.

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records show that over six meetings the JSC did not once discuss estimated construction costs.

I mean yeah, this is Japan, is anybody really surprised?

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Wow, so many future non-executive directors!

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Japan where incompetence reigns supreme! Its unbelievable mori hasn't been fired doesn't anyone realize HOW BAD me makes Japan look!!

Its insane how BADLY Japan is screwing this up & we AINT near done yet folks!

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Kono should be fired and investigated to see if he has any previous relationships with the two construction companies. This stinks of cronyism.

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HOW BAD me makes Japan look!!

Ha ha should be HE LOL! Hell take your pick he or me!

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I have a question

The Olympic stadium will cost US$2.1 billion. How much of that cost depends on ¥vs $ rate? I am curious because when Tokyo was bidding / got selected Yen value was exceptionally high (1$=80¥)

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the longer the government pussy foots around the more rushed there going to be, the more the construction companies are going to screw the taxpayer to get the job done on time. Japan will end up with lower quality stadiums that are still overpriced. they know the J gov wont award the big contracts to outside companies so theyll just fix the prices high with there contruction cohorts. they got the j gov and the j taxpayer by the nads on this, as they have for the last 50yrs

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This is great news. Finally a chance to have the stadium built by a Japanese architect for the Japanese nation. Japanese architects and Japanese design are among the best (if not the best) in the world. Everybody knows that.

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One of the problems I find with articles like this is that they, for ease of reference, quote US$ amounts. However, given that this is a stadium to be built in Japan and paid for in JPY, the actual numbers that should be used for comparison are the JPY figures. That is, the JPY figures should be the base figure.

The original cost of the stadium was estimated at JPY 130 billion. This was then revised to JPY 252 billion. Thus, the reference to a doubling of cost. Obviously, if one looks at this in US$ terms, the cost in US$ has actually not increased as much as in JPY because converting JPY 252 billion to USD at JPY120/US$1 results in a US$ figure lower than in the FX conversion is done at JPY100/US$1 or JPY90/US$.

Now, the other point to consider is whether the material cost in JPY terms has increased because of the increased cost of imports related to construction. Such as raw materials required for steel, etc. Undoubtedly the depreciation of the JPY has had some impact on costs as it relates to materials, but this has not been quantified.

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Wow, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was supposed to be a major PLUS for Japan and Abe.

However, it is turning out to be an endless nightmare, and this is just the beginning. The stadium fiasco is just unbelievable and mostly unprecedented, not to mention so much tax money is now gone. Now the logo emblem design is also a major embarrassment for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (the committee assured the media that it checked ALL the trademarks in the world very carefully... yet it didn't catch the so obvious similarities with the patented Belgian theatre design logo???.. seriously???). Soon they will call the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as an exercise in incompetence, thus negating the image of Japan. HOw much overruns in costs will again happen? Not to mention the tight schedule.

To be fair, other countries, like China (2008 games) had its own issues, but nothing like this. Compared to this nightmare, the China games were planned and run flawlessly I would say.

The nightmare unfolding now in Tokyo is showing how Abe is really off the mark when he promised the world "everything is under control" and that the Tokyo games will be prepared and run in the smoothest way. Has he planned for possible other major problems (Fukushima stability issues, earthquakes as they say a big one may come even as soon as by 2020, and even Mount FUji erupting as we are in a seismic/volcanism age now, etc.)? What if his posturing spark a war? Or Japanese people will be so split that riots will start happening because of Abe's bogus security bills? Does he think these will never happen (just like he didn't think the stadium and emblem fiscos would happen)?

What about if the next stadium design hits a snag again??

One key reason for the nightmare is Abe is 99% focused on his military agenda/"imaginary threats"/beautifying Japan's military past etc. Or else, how could such a top head of state allow such major problems come one after another for such an event to hightlight the nation's competence and pride ?

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Sacking is to good for him. I'd MAKE him stay.

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ringman2: "Wow, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics was supposed to be a major PLUS for Japan and Abe."

You're right and wrong. Absolutely right in terms of what a disaster it is and how it has up to now affected Abe and Co., but wrong about how trusting you are of the public to recognize that. Just this morning a very annoying co-worker of mine LITERALLY praised Abe and asked me to admit how great he was for decided to scrap the original stadium plans and start again from zero. When I pointed out that the original promise was for about 120 billion yen, then went to 252 billion to a now promised 180 billion with nothing yet secured and it likely to sky-rocket, he just grimaced and said, "Well, thank you for your opinion!" and walked away. He reminds me of the North Korean propaganda machine in NK that has the NKoreans you're allowed to see saying, "Bless our dear leader for all he's given us!" when they fail to acknowledge the fact that he only gives them back a tiny fraction of what he's stolen from them, and that's only if they work themselves to death in his honor and sing his praises.

By tomorrow no one will know who Kono is, if they remember his name even now, and in any case they'll sing the leader's praises for all his hard work. That's how Japan inc. survives, depending on the ignorance and extremely short memories of the masses and the forgiveness if someone is willing to be the scapegoat; and let's not kid ourselves, if Kono 'goes down' it'll be to a comfy position the ruling party has given him to take the fall.

Still five years to go and already the circus animals have bolted! They're making China, as you said, look like complete professionals they cannot hold a candle to.

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Your comparison with North Korea is very apt.

That seems to be the road that Abe is attempting to lead Japan.

Putting Kono's head on a pike doesn't make Abe any less responsible.

He didn't care about the soaring costs until public pressure built up.

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Thanks for your insight. I think your example/explanation is not far from the truth... in fact, it sums up the situation. The pubic (Japanese people) have been too trusting of Abe etc. (I just hope they won't make the same mistake with his "war bills", because war is not the Olympics games and will cost a heavy heavy price.)

@BertieWooster: yes, indeed, that is what/where Abe is leading Japan to.

Btw, didn't Abe , as recently as March or April, say on TV and guaranteed all was FINE and there would be NO issues whatsoever as he was "on top of things" as far as the Olympics plannng is concerned?

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What I don't understand is the need to open another design competition for the next stadium. Take the second or third choice that were beat out by Hadid's design and move on. I'm experiencing a great deal of schadenfreude watching this thing turn into clown shoes.

Everyone have a great weekend and stay cool out there!

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Just put up a giant tent for christs sake & then take it down & make a huge green space afterwards, your welcome!!

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Japan ruling party to recommend anti-aircraft gun for Olympic sports association head

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Since the LDP got us into this mess the LDP should investigate itself and then resign en mass.

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ringman2: "Btw, didn't Abe , as recently as March or April, say on TV and guaranteed all was FINE and there would be NO issues whatsoever as he was "on top of things" as far as the Olympics plannng is concerned?"

Yes, and on top of all that, and just before the plagiarism of the emblem was revealed, he said, "We're all going to work together from now" and declared himself the supreme leader of the Olympics just last week... shortly after scrapping the old stadium plans. Now it's back to the usual, "Well, wasn't me! I wasn't there at the time!" finger pointing we've seen with Ando and the rest of the circus.

GW: "Just put up a giant tent for christs sake & then take it down & make a huge green space afterwards, your welcome!!"

Good idea, but they've already put the circus to shame. The circus doesn't want to be associated with what's happening here.

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just looking like a fish market to many people are in charge, the design problem, the logo problem this is just the beginning, lets see how many news come till the end.

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This is great news. Finally a chance to have the stadium built by a Japanese architect for the Japanese nation. >Japanese architects and Japanese design are among the best (if not the best) in the world. Everybody knows that.

Seems the people who chose the winning stadium design didn't and weren't there a few Japanese on that selection committee?

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