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Japan's coach calls for new Nadeshiko


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Can the new 'Nadeshiko' please change the name to something less denigrating? I find it insulting. It's great, though, that Sasaki felt it the peak of his career, and I'm sure, despite the loss, some if not all of the athletes did as well. Hopefully the next generation of ladies can live up to what these have done and can build an even stronger Japanese team.

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What's wrong with the name 'Nadeshiko'? It's the name of a small pink flower, pretty to look at, but also extremely tough - it survives in cold, high-altitude conditions where more delicate blooms wither. It's also a term that has long been applied to the Japanese female - pretty and deceptively delicate to look at.

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It was obvious that Sawa wasn't 100% at the tournament; she hadn't fully recovered from her injury. I'm lucky enough to witness part of the next generation of Japanese women's soccer everyday and they look like future world-beaters to me.

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@Smith san

You may not like the original meaning of the word Nadeshiko, but nowadays everyone pretty much uses it to mean female Japanese soccer players or players on the Japan's national team, nothing more, nothing less. Languages evolve and meanings of words change constantly. It will probably not change for a while if ever.

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They did really well, hat off

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Hide: "Languages evolve and meanings of words change constantly"

Very true, but I'm not going to go and label something a demeaning term without the foresight that it will change, and that's the point. They weren't known as 'Nadeshiko Japan' until they were first labelled as such, and there's no way they could have been originally called that with the knowledge the TEAM would become the new meaning of the word. My guess is that it was a man who chose the label? Do you think whenever people hear the word 'Samurai' they're going to automatically think of the Japanese men's soccer team?

"It will probably not change for a while if ever."

It's a shame, really, especially in light of how the nadeshiko fared better than the samurai. Anyway, enough on that -- I'll leave it there. I just think that labelling such a great team called as such is demeaning. They have proven to truly be amazing, and I'm glad at least their silver has made the nation proud.

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Readers, no more discussion about the name "Nadeshiko." There is nothing demeaning about it.

Hopefully there is a new crop of soccer ladies waiting in the wings to takeover.

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To Sasaki-san and Sawa-san, Gokurosama! I for one certainly look forward to the new version of Nadeshiko! You ladies have done a fabulous job! Thanks for the thrills and the memories!

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There goes the golden generation.

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Agree with you all the way.

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