Japan's relay silver came from technique and teamwork


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Amazing race. Speaks volumes for all things Japanese. For me, this is the best result in Rio. Congrats!

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That silver is as good as a gold.

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That silver is as good as a gold

No, it's really not the case.

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cracaphat, I can understand where you are coming from but Fred is right.

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I wonder who ran the last leg of the race enjoy now

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Stunning. Best result for me too. Here is the full NHK video that I have watched quite a few times. https://youtu.be/2RWr2KwBoIY. It reminded me of those Cup Noodle commercials, especially this one https://youtu.be/0kg-dP56HS4 that make you doubt your eyes and wonder, "what is that Japanese guy doing there?" But the dream was real.

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Congratulations to the relay "TEAM". They showed up and executed as a confident world class team in the semifinals and manned up in the finals. Having been a university track coach myself, I can say that the silver was earned well. The baton passing was consistent and fearless, the decision of the 1st, 3rd and 4th legs were excellent for this race (the 2nd leg was good as well of course). I have lived in Japan in the past and coached there as well. I think mentally as well as running fearless, this has been one of the best races I have seen Japan run. They were certainly not running for silver but gold....Great job team. I am looking forward to 2020 for sure and the lead up to it.

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Really struggling with this. Why was Canada DQ'd in London for a lane infraction (stepping on the line and thereby losing a medal) while it was clear the last Japan runner had multiple lane infractions and nothing was called? Has the rule changed since 2012? If not, Japan has no business earning a medal and really should have been DQ'd.

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Where in what video? I note that Cambridge is almost drafting Bolt towards the tape but his feet look to be just inside of his lane.

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Definitely one of Japan's best results this Olympics! What an incredible race

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