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Lightning Bolt strikes twice to win 200-meter gold; Eaton takes decathlon


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If Usain were actually just a bit more humble then he might actually get some respect but all he can talk about is how "legendary" he is. It is clear that he is already calculating how much money he can earn off of each of his wins. Is he legendary.... yes... but the legend lacks purity.

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If Usain were actually just a bit more humble then he might actually get some respect but all he can talk about is how "legendary" he is.

Please he IS a legend. And did you see the ease with which he did push-ups after the race? Time to consider the decathalon.

When you don't have to give 100 percent to easily be the fastest man in the world over multiple distances, well that is going to go to your head sometimes, especially at 25 years old.

Respect the Bolt!

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The guy may be incredibly fast, but he's also an incredible bore. The reason he is not respected is because of his out of control ego, and the fact that he stops running once he has a race won. He cheats himself and the fans that want to see something special.

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Is it part of Jamaican culture to be so full of yourself or is it just him?

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Is it part of Jamaican culture to be so full of yourself or is it just him?

The guy has a right to be "full of himself". He just accomplished something which no man had previously done in Olympic history. Let's rise above making these kind of stupid generalizations. But, in truth, Jamaica does certainly have a right to be full of itself, since that tiny country has produced many of the star sprinters, male and female, at these games.

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Herefornow- so winning gold allows you to be a boorish clown and proclaim yourself the greatest. Humble winners are a thing of the past. Got it.

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I the series I don't care but why he stopped in the last 2-3 meters? He could have at least the Olympic record and the second best time for all times (instead of fourth)! Now who will remember him...

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Bolt is running for him. he is not a paid showman for the viewers. Lets work hard to beat him than correcting his gestures. .

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You guys criticizing Usain should stop it. Nobody has put words in his mouth, so you don't have the right to tell him he shouldn't say "HE'S THE GREATEST..." He IS the Greatest, and if you are not Happy, get there and try to be the Greatest. Then What would you say about Mohamed Ali? "I am The Greatest, I am on Top of the World, Yeah!... Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a BEE!" and he was a LEGEND... Bravo Usain Bolt "You are the Greatest, a LEGEND... and You have the FULL RIGHT to Shout it Loud!" ... and Say it Loud, I am Black and Proud!

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I think what gets on other sprinters nerves,is that, Bolt originally did not even like the 100, that he just ran it because he was told to by his coaches. His true love was the 200. So, then he comes in and blows everyone away at the 100, and didn't think much of it, while most other 100 meter runners, paticularly the U.S. Runners, have made it there whole life to excel at the event, to the extent we see, of some taking steroids, and damaging there bodies. That's not condoning them, but tells of the seriousness in Which alot of he athletes address the event. Never the less, Bolt is the best. And up until bolt, the U.S. Were no more in humility than Bolt. i think it will do us some good to eat humble pie for a while, and learn to run faster, sometimes the best thing that can happen is for someone like Bolt to come around, and push us to be better. Peace.

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Jamaica blitzes the field! Jamaica nice. Jamaica nice. Jamaica nice Jamaica nice Jamaica nice!

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To the criticizers, I understand your point but, most successful athletes are full of themselves. Don't tell me you've never bragged about any of your exploits. It's human nature. What I hate more are the "fake-humility" type of people. In front of the camera, they are "humble" and "shy" but when they are away from the spotlight they are full of ego and hubris. I read that a lot about many sports stars here.

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JKASS - Ali had a lot more to deal with than running hard for 9.5 seconds. Ali proved he was "The Greatest" not just winning in the ring, but by his social activism, rejection of the Vietnam War and it's draft which cost him the most lucrative years of his life, racism, etc.

Bolt? What does he do with the eyes of the world on him? Slow up, robbing himself of real greatness on the track, and instead of calling attention to the qualities of his country, acts the clown for all to see. Thats the difference between him and people like Ali. Ali had integrity.

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Given their hard training schedule and pressure from coaches and sponsors. I think they need to let off some steam and emotions, granted a few do go overboard and got critiqued/warned.

Bolt don't fall into the category for me.

He is fast and both the 100m and 200m race looked easy for him.

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bogva, both the world record and olympic record were set by Bolt. If you read the article, you will know that he felt a strain in his back. Why would he risk injury if he could still be in first? Congrats Bolt, you da man.

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Great race and what a wonderful 1-2-3 finish by Jamaica! Congratulations to all of you. Bolt is now the two-time reigning Olympic champion and has to be considered a legend among Olympic athletes.

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Absolute Legend. Congratulations to him.

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@hoserfella: twat.

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He walked the walk, now he can talk the talk. I love watching this guy run, so graceful and fluid. He is a legend. Nuurmi, Lewis, Bolt.

The three biggest legends in track history.

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When Bolt puts on the turbocharger, nobody comes close. All the competitors look like they are standing still. Let him speak his mind. He back up with substance and nobody else comes close. It's hard to believe how fast he can run. Congratulations to a special man with special gift.

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He is a great athlete but modesty is a trait he lacks and it is a good trait to have.

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sfjp330 - hold on, I'm writing this piece of wisdom down; "If you can run really fast for 100 meters, you are excused from acting like a complete jackass". Got it. Thanks.

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I agree completely with 'hoserfella' and 'consume my pain'. True greatness will simply show without having to say it. It is having "the right" to be full of yourself without actually needing to use it. He took the golden opportunity of the entire world hearing his words and threw it in the trash to try and further his own self-worth.

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