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Nadeshiko Japan beats Brazil 2-0 to advance to Olympic soccer semifinals


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Here in Brazil, the TV announcers said that Japan played a very well organized tactic, while Brazil was lost in the field. Japan deserved to win, even my Brazilian friends agree - despite their huge disappointment.

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The announcers said on a couple of occasions that the Brazilian team had more shots on goal than the Japanese but I watched the game on and off during work and every time I watched, the Nadeshiko team seemed to be dominating. Their passing was incredible crisp. They ran the Brazilians out of the building from what I saw (which was little more than half of the game).

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Come on ladies you can win this!!!

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Very well done, ladies! Go Nadeshiko Japan!

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Wow...they're really kicking a$$...I take back the fluke comment I made earlier...

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Nice one Japan, again the ladies prove they can get it done in their opponents box, J-men you need to watch & learn!

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Excellent work!

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Guess Japan's tactic to avoid travel worked out for them.

Here's the stats for the Brazil-Japan match:


BRA - Brazil -- JPN - Japan

0 -- Goals -- 2

7 -- Shots on Goal -- 4

21 -- Shots -- 10

11 -- Fouls Committed -- 10

9 -- Fouls Suffered -- 10

10 -- Corner Kicks -- 2

3 -- Offsides -- 0

2 -- Yellow Cards -- 1

0 -- 2nd Yellow Card = Red -- 0

0 -- Red Card -- 0

64% -- Possession -- 36%

38 -- Playing Time -- 21

Japan lost its most recent match against France 2-0 at a friendly in Paris last month. The USA beat Canada 4-0 at the Olympic Qualifying Championship in Canada.

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Thanks, LostRune. Great stats. Posession and corner kicks are the big differences, but in the final analysis, there's really only one stat that counts.

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i think Hope Solo said US was bound for glory last year........

i see Japan Canada final

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Yaaataaa! Go girls! Ganbarre Nadeshiko!

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The Brazilian coach criticized Nadeshiko's defense style of play and said that they would not be deserving champions should they win the gold. Hmm, last I check the final score was 2 to zero.

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The Brazilian coach criticized Nadeshiko's defense style of play and said that they would not be deserving champions should they win the gold. Hmm, last I check the final score was 2 to zero.

Brazilians do not know how to lose gracefully, they are aware of that, but can't avoid it. TV commentators said that Japan played professionaly and with a dose of passion. But you won't see a Brazilian saying that Japan deserved it, they will say that Japan won because Brazilian side was having a bad hair day, that they are the 8th world economy, that carnival...etc etc...

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Well done ladies! Congrats. tokyotom. I would love to see a Japan- Canada final!! Do you think Canada can get past the U.S?

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They did good, but its a shame any results they have from now on will be tarnished by the coach and teams actions not to play fair in the qualifiers.

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GW: The J-men are at the same point, although they have yet to play tonight's game against Egypt. What's more, the J-men are in the "under-23" group whereas the women can use their WC players.

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Congrats to the women's team... they continue to do well, despite being told by their coach (who should be penalized) to not play their best in the earlier qualifiers (which resulted in some pretty dull games for spectators). I'm sure they'll get a medal.

As for the articles, they really downplay the Canadian team, which gets but a dependent clause in the middle of talks about the American win.

Anyway, Japan vs. France and Canada vs. the US... should be a fun semi-finals. Now let's see how the men do tonight!

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GW: Actually, to further qualify, the J-men won their games (two, at least) in the qualifiers, whereas the women only won one game (granted, they were told by their coach not to give it their all in the latter games). What excuse is the coach going to give now that they have to move to Cardiff and might suffer fatigue?

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Oh dear, Japan has to move from Cardiff to London for their next match. The coach must be worried!

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