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Nadeshiko Japan win hearts in defeat

By Alastair Himmer

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i'm american, and i'm glad the US won, but if were to lose to a team, i wouldn't mind losing to japan. nadeshiko japan are the most gifted soccer players around, with not only great technical skill but also unbelievable vision and instincts.

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The two non-calls were a factor in the win by Team USA, and it is unfortunate that the referees did not make the calls, but that is also part of the game I guess. Great match by both teams, and in general, I think that when the U.S. and Japan play, there tend to be less fouls, and the fans can really enjoy the game. Thanks Olympic Champions Team USA and World Champions Nadeshiko Japan. I hope you get business class seats on the way home!

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Congratulations to both teams for their gold and silver medals, and thank you for giving us a great match!

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at least look set to fly home in style.

About time! They deserve it! Thanks for the fun!

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Whatever the situation, result, topic, there will always be naysayers and critics. The title says it all! Nadeshiko won our hearts in defeat. Let's not cry because of what wasn't, but smile and rejoice because of what was! To the ladies of Nadeshiko I offer a heartfelt "Otsukaresama."

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This really was a 'beautiful game'! Two great teams playing their hearts out with true sportsmanship! I am so glad I got up early to watch the game live!

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Wow, some people woke up on the wrong side of the futon. Anyway, a silver medal is not a defeat. In fact, medal or no medal, these wonderful women are winners and heros in my book.

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Nadeshiko Japan win hearts in defeat

They had my heart from the beginning. By the way, a silver medal is not defeat in any way, shape or form.

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Great post!

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By the way, here is what Pai said.

"Japan were too good for us. However, we defended well and showed huge heart to win - playing against a better team in a big final at Wembley.

"We won the gold medal and I have to credit my team for the way they dug in and played. I am so happy right now."

I think she showed the most class of anyone. WOW!

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Nonsense talking about which avatar I use. I like it. I play the sport. I love football, but I never stayed up all night to watch the championship game EVER, EVER!

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JDB88239 I believe my avatar has nothing to do with this discussion at all. I play the sport. Nothing wrong with using it as an avatar. Go get your own of your favorite sport or music group or whatever. But if you do I will not criticize you for it.

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First class seats!

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Both teams play game the way soccer should be without employing dirty tactics as other teams. I am so proud of the Nadeshiko who represent Japan's image to the world. FIFA penalized Columbian player for punching Wambauch two games, but take no action for Canadian's Tomcredi vicious stomping on the head of U.S. player's Carly LLoyd since the next world cup will be play in Canada. FIFA sent the wrong message and it is politics as usual for them. What a shame. The Nadeshiko and their coach set a good example of what soccer game should play for all gender of players.

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Still think the name does not fit.

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Great Post!

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@xbauer2002 Great Post!

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Team Japan played fair and they played hard. They were a better opponent than the girls from Canada.

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They've already scored against Mexico.

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Oh my, it's already 3-0, they're humiliating the Mexicans!

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“Gold, silver - it doesn’t matter. Japan were the best team,” 32-year-old chef Kensuke Arai.

Hong Kong's only got one medal in the games - it doesn't matter. Hong Kong were the best team! Ha ha ha!

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Watching the best two teams in the sport is really fun to do. I actually recorded it to watch later on, which is what I did. Very exciting match. Two great powerhouses no doubt.

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Since the moderator allows such an off topic comment to remain, then I will respond again. I use the avatar because I play the sport and love the sport. I am not a fanatic of the sport at all though. You use that less than tasteful one and I don't want to. Should I consider you tasteless? Nope. Now, these people who are so fanatical that they will stay up all night to watch the sport and make comments like the ones that they have made, make no sense to me. Stay awake all night to watch a championship game? I never have and never will.

As hundreds of supporters wearing Japan soccer shirts, faces still painted in national red and white, rolled out of bars around 6 a.m. local time, an impromptu party broke out on Tokyo’s iconic Shibuya “scramble” crossroads.

Seriously? Even though I use this avatar I would never ever do what these people did. THAT IS FANATICAL. To stay awake all night to watch a game because your country is in it is NUTS.

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Why do people think that just because your team fought hard in the last game that it is anything different than the other teams in the finals?

Sandiegoluv -- exactly. EVERY team in the finals is expected to fight hard. Nothing unigue or related to "Japaneseness" about that. And them being smaller is simply a matter of fact that almost all Japanese teams face. If that is going to be an excuse or basis for rationalizing every time they lose, they ought to stop competing. That being said, they played a great game, and I could see where even an unbiased fan could say they outplayed the U.S. in many aspects.

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You have to give credit to Team USA and congratulations on their 3rd Olympic title. There were many defensive lapses in Nadeshiko Japans game right through the competition. The 8 min heading goal by Llyod a classic example with Japan's defensive line all watching and facing the ball and failing to cover the attackers coming forward. The 2nd goal by Lloyd was a fantastic strike and not much defenders or keeper could do. Yet the defenders gave Lloyd the space and well the rest is history. At 2-0 many teams would and do just give up and I really like the fact that Nadeshiko Japan kept trying to win the game. Mind you Japan had their chances to level the game and even go ahead. Some great saves by Solo and the crossbar especially. I really enjoyed the game and thanks Nadeshiko Japan so such an entertaining Olympic campaign! You Gals ROCK!

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ill-founded conclusions that all people do

Well, I didn't say ALL people. But I do know a few people that were tired as heck today, and were useless.

Saying what people should and should not do is not right at all.

True that. It just seems like nonsense to me. That is all I am saying.

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Congrats to both teams. They both played very hard and deserve accolade for how they played. And I do like the Nadeshiko girls as well. You would think I was bashing the girls but I do like them very much. Boy, oh boy.

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No misunderstandings. If I go to an American website and read the same things, I will comment negatively as well. Just I find the whole fanaticism with one's culture uncomfortable. Have a good time, but don't stay up all night and cry over it.

-4 ( +2 / -6 )

I love this comment by UMBRELLA on another story.

The far over the top reaction to the Japanese athletes performance is just designed to distract the little people from Japan's problems. I guess it works, the sheep are easily led!

I completely agree 100%. It seems to me that if you stayed up all night to watch this you are begging for something exciting to happen in your life. Make your own excitement. Staying up late to watch a bunch of people who do not even know you, nor you them, is just pure nonsense. Enjoy life. You don't need a bunch of people who you don't know to win something for you to have excitement. Go win something for yourself. It is nonsense to stay up late and go to work all bent out of shape emotionally and physically and also to cry or carry on like that because they lost or won. Good grief.

Moderator: Please do not use the discussion board to post anti-Japan rants. It reflects badly on youself.

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Bad calls happen in every game. That is the sport. Although I do find this fanaticism with one's own country's team irritatingly stupid. I am happy the USA won, but it does make me a difference at all. I don't know them and they don't know me. Stay up late too watch it? Not on your life. Bunch of over emotional nonsense as far as I am concerned.

“They never give up. I was crying after the game but just so proud.”

Ummmm. Duh. And so does every other team in the Olympics. That is nothing special. Why do people think that just because your team fought hard in the last game that it is anything different than the other teams in the finals? Cry after the game win or lose? WHY? A bunch of hokum.

Japan was even described by U.S. coach Pia Sundhage as the better team.

Really? Where and when did that coach say something so stupid as that. You'd think a coach would never say that about the opposing team, but if that was said, it really shows a lot of class.

“Gold, silver - it doesn’t matter. Japan were the best team,” 32-year-old chef Kensuke Arai.

Sorry, Kensuke. Check the score and give credit where it is due. It was not so easy for the USA to win either. But, one thing i will not get is nationalistic over this. It is just a game. Crying, shouting and carrying on over this is nonsense on either side, win or lose. I think we have our priorities completely off, sorry.

Congrats to both teams. They both played well and deserve a round of applause.

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