Phelps wins Olympic gold medals No. 20 and 21; Sakai gets silver in butterfly


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Thank you to all of the American Olympians. At a time when the news is generally awful, you prove again and again you - and we - still have the Right Stuff.

The Star Spangled Banner NEVER gets old!

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Amazing! M Phelps is one of the G.O.A.T.

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Le Clos was too focused on Phelps, even always keeping an eye on him while swimming the race, that he forgot to swim his race and the other racers who swam passed him to the medal podium.

But they hugged right afterwards, burying the hatchet, knowing it was a nice rivalry while it lasted - this being last of that race against each other.

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Wow! This guy is phemomenal!

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In his next race, all of Phelps' competition will be on jet skis. They'll still lose.

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Sakai san came soooooo close to beating Phelps! He's a phenomenal swimmer as well, and coming so close is something to be very proud of, I think. No shame at all in that second place. Silver by a sliver!

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Michael Phelps is without a doubt the greatest Olympian ever. Bet he could win more gold in 2020 if he chose to continue.

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Congrats, Phelps and all medal winners. Competition at Rio 2016 is adorable and noble. Unfortunately, in the real life, there are still many warmongers who enjoyed the ikkusions of glory in bullying the weaker neighbors.

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Congrats to both!

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Phelps held off Japan’s Masato Sakai

I am amazed to see Phelps return at his relatively old age and still win. I really didn't think he would be able to win any individual races based on his performance over the past year - it seems he has peaked at the right time. But if the race were one meter longer I think Sakai would have eked out the win. Japan's swim team is very strong this Olympics.

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I am amazed to see Phelps return at his relatively old age and still win.

Yeah, in fact, Phelps has become the oldest swimmer to ever win an individual Olympics gold medal. Nobody prior wins at his age.

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