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Probe launched as empty seats leave fans fuming


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They should simply put a time-limit in the tickets: "entry allowed until 19:00h", say, after that the empty seat would put to be sold to the crowd outside. It is unbelievable that given the modern technologies we have today, they aren't being used in favor of the audience.

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Empty-seats problem aside, London is putting a beautiful show to TV audience. We hardly we'll see another Olympic with so many historic and handsome venues. Congratulations to London and its people for such good scenery.

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FAIL. Expect more of the same.

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bicultural: "FAIL. Expect more of the same."

Agreed, but then these kind of things often happen. They need to tell even the sponsors that if they are not there by a certain time the seats will be sold or even given to people waiting outside. Problem is in reality, of course, if they did that and the sponsors showed up to find their seats taken... well... they might stop being sponsors. They don't want to chance it.

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Oops. Maybe they can beg Mitt Romney, politely, to help get the Games in order.

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USA_gold: "Oops. Maybe they can beg Mitt Romney, politely, to help get the Games in order."

Why? Mitt would just shove his other foot down his mouth in some other gaffe.

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Good idea. What a waste of seats!

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The women's soccer was poorly attended. I do remember that people in London were up in arms about poor kids not being able to see the games. Perhaps these are the events they should have been given tickets to??

And block the number or corporate seats. I would give my right arm to see some of the swimming!

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It's a shambles and expected to get worse not better.

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A real shame during a historic event. Hope it is clear up soon.

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They should attach the relevant corporate sponsor's name to each seat. Then it would be obvious who had not bothered to turn up.

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