Rio kicks off Olympics with ode to forests, favelas and funk


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It was nice to see De Lima light the flame - 12 years after Olympic Gold should have been his, if not for a lunatic Irishman. Well done Rio - good show!

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ode to forests

So, with the Amazon rainforest disappearing at two football fields every minute he supports an ode to the forest? What was the theme? A cash cow? This is the same president who only a few years ago declared that, if the world wants them to stop cutting down the rainforest they have to pay Brazil. The close ties between Japan and Brazil should come as no surprise as Japan is one of the largest importers of Brazilian rainforest timbers in the world.

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I'm just not that into the Olympics.....just can't really get into it.

I love sport, am positively besides myself when the World Cup rolls about every 4 years, but the Olympics just doesn't pump my tires.

I guess I am fundamentally cynical about the fact that the world wealthiest countries top the medals table. I object to countries pouring money into athlete development so that they can win medals that are somehow symbolic of the superiority of a country and it's people. It's a nonsense. I'm not too comfortable with the silly nationalist pride that is attached to this, either.

Dunno. If my kids every scale Olympic heights perhaps I'll feel differently.

The Grump.

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A global warming opening video..... WTF?

Are they kidding us? If the Brazilians did not cut the rain forest at the speed of light daily.... maybe we would not have so much global warming. GEEEZ

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What time was the Olympic Ceremony broadcast in Japan?

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At 8:30 this morning, Manuel .

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"What time was the Olympic Ceremony broadcast in Japan?"

The live coverage began at 8:00am on Saturday morning, and the replays have been running all day...

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Started to watch it but was so bored by half past midnight I went to bed. Too few people for the size of the stadium, it looked threadbare and sad. The clubs that produce the Carnival parade do a better job. Accepting they are in financial straits (in which case why volunteer to spend vast amounts on hosting the Olympics?) involving the carnival folk would have produced a better and more democratic, less elitist eco-superior off-putting and feeble effort. The fireworks were nice.

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