Rio opening ceremony to break with opulent traditions


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The Rio de Janeiro Olympics opening ceremony on Friday will break with the recent tradition of large-scale and expensive shows, featuring a low-emissions cauldron and an “analogue” experience, executive producer Marco Balich said on Monday.

This is not an opulent event given the situation in Brazil

Translation: We done ran outta money, ya'll!

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The Brazilians know very well how to entertain people. One way or another, we will have a great time :)

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They could end up feeling like after their last World Cup semi-final.

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Hmm, what's been said here in Brazil is that after the fiasco of the opening ceremony of the 2014 World Cup (jokingly compared to a hill-billy dance party), Brazilians understood that a grand opening takes technology and lots of rehearsal. And that, no, naked people dancing samba can not be used for every function.

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4,700 Samba dancers and 90 footballers? That's the usual approach, with 10 officials to make up the numbers.

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I wish the whole global Olympic roadshow would end. It's just a massive corporate raid on government coffers, full of patronage, graft and privatizing profits while socializing losses. Also the sports themselves are full of dopers and other cheats. It is so far removed from the original Ancient Greek games that I could scream.

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The show, expected to cost about half the $42 million spent by London in 2012

So assuming Japan for sure wants to top the London games we are looking at another priceticket of 50 million dollar on top of the stadium. Bah, what a waste of money.

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As long as there are samba dancers it will seen as a triumph.

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The show, expected to cost about half the $42 million spent by London in 2012

Reading between the lines we can assure that when it comes to Brazil, the real budget was twice of London with $63 million being embezzled and resting $21 millions to spend with papier-mâché, cellophane and crêpe paper. Prepare for the most expensive and worldwide watched elementary school presentation ever.

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The show is based on the themes of sustainability, the Brazilian smile and “gambiarra”, the ability to keep functioning with makeshift fixes.

In other words, a smile and BS. Just like how they got the games in the first place. So appropriate

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The Olympic farce continues, this obviously means that Brazil is broke and only just realized it

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Good move. those opening shows have always been waste of money and time

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There is no track?

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every athlete gets a free hammer, some nails, and a map.

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"We have a big garden that we're chopping down for cattle farms, and you can get diseases just from looking at our rivers and the ocean itself just off our beaches. Let's do something with that in the opening ceremony."

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No,naked people dancing Samba can not be used for every occasion "..... Damn, you just shattered my world :)

4700 Samba dancers, 90 footballers, with 10 officials to make up the numbers....

Hmm, bet that sounds like more fun than the standard Japanese approach that would probably see the reverse with 4,700 officials ( double that with the retired / amakudari ex official crowd ). I,d personally prefer the Samba dancers.

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