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Rio thieves strike faster, higher, stronger


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But the International Olympic Committee says it has no regrets about awarding the Games to Rio.

Easy to say from their safe-haven. Wait until one of them gets mugged.

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wait untill the weekend

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I wouldn't go there for FREE.

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If there were a medal tally for muggings at knifepoint, kidnappings and assaults, I believe us Aussies and out Kiwi mates would be out in front, sadly. We seem to be soft targets for the Brazilian crims.

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. . . . don't forget about the sex crimes. Have already been occurring in the athletic village. It might get uglier. . . Just sayin'

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And there is the water pollution and mosquitos.

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“It’s important that the Olympics isn’t just a little European or American club, it needs to be spread around the world,” the spokesman added. “It needs to have this universal feel.”

Yeah, but I think we can do with that without sacrificing the safety of athletes and tourists. I'm pretty sure not all non-European and non-American countries have a habit of stealing or mugging people.

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As said, they shouldn`t focus the security over an unlikely terrorist attack but over the foreigner people there. Pray for this Olympics to end with the less body count and the less rapes.

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Just watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeAsF35HeNI

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And looking at the terraces we can see that many have very few spectators!

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Seriously, how did Brazil even get the nod to host considering all the problems they've had leading up to and still continuing till this day?

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