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South Korean soccer players to get military service exemption if they beat Japan


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What can Japan offer its guys to beat the South Koreans? Military entrance is voluntary here in Japan. So that angle wouldn't work here. Hmmm ... ??

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They get to force the other team to join the military for two years. That would be pretty funny.

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"But we should not pay too much attention to this. This should not be the primary target for the game against Japan because it is much more important to play for our country and the fans watching the match.”

Agree with this, and I'm not sure this is any added incentive as much as it is more pressure. Also, wouldn't you WANT your most athletic people doing military service? Promise them their choice of which branch they want to train in, I can see.

Anyway, best of luck to both teams -- if nothing else it'll be an exciting rivalry. If it were the WC players I'd say Japan was a shoo-in to win, but with the under 23s it's hard to say.

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Kind of a backfire moment for South Korea. Military service is obviously not seen as a patriotic act or a duty to be proud of in the name of your country. Clearly it's a self-inflicted pain in the a*rse.

Good luck Japan.

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HikozaemonAUG. 10, 2012 - 08:55PM JST They get to force the other team to join the military for two years. That would be pretty funny.

LOL - that's the funniest thing I read all day! Cheers!

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