Tokyo 2020 emblem designer denies plagiarizing Belgian logo


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When I saw the theater logo I thought it was coincidence. Then I saw the other similar logo from Spain. Now I'm suspicious.

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Whether it was copied or not, it's confusingly similar. Let's scrap this logo and let's see some of the other designs that were rejected. It's certainly not too late to change.

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Any stylised T will resemble something.

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they both look like collages made my 6 year olds?

I'll give 'em dat!!!!

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Japan needs to be careful that they don't get a reputation for copying things.

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With the logo and stadium problems, Japan is really embarrassing itself in front of the world.

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It is ABSOLUTELY a copy of the Belgian Theatre group -- you don't 'accidentally' copy it to a T and then even use the same font for your text! And the guy decides to come out and defend possibly his most important work nearly a week after the similarities were discovered, saying he was 'out at the time'?? Nope. I can buy that the similarities to the Spanish poster seeking aid for JAPAN after the 3/11 disasters is coincidence, but not the emblem's similarities to the Belgian Theatre group. It's far more likely the guy just thought he would get away with it.

This has been pretty funny on the world 'stage'. I wonder how long they're going to insist that they will keep it until they scrap the emblem completely and go back from scratch?

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