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Toth takes 50-km walk gold; Japan's protest earns Arai bronze


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Japan’s Hirooki Arai finished a further six seconds back but was later disqualified, leaving Canada’s Evan Dunfee to take the bronze medal in 3:41.38.

The Japanese prompted a protest from the Canadian team after barging Dunfee in the back as he passed him for the final time, leaving the Canadian shaking his hands in frustration.

Arai ended up being awarded the bronze medal after race officials reversed the decision.

I don't get it. What exactly happened and who won the bronze?

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The Canadian passed Arai, but Arai held on and then passed Dunfee up the inside. The two ran into each other as Arai passed and Dunfee nearly fell, he stumbled a lot and his timing was all out from that point on. It wasn't too far from the end. The Canadians put in a protest, Arai was disqualified, then the Japanese protested the disqualification, and Arai was given back the bronze.

Personally, it looked at first like Arai barged through Dunfee, but I'm not sure if Dunfee may not have seen Arai at the last moment and may have contributed to it. Personally, I think the judges had to make a tough decision.

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The Japanese walker chested, he purposely bump into the Canadian .

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