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Organizers face more cost increases for 2020 Tokyo Olympics


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And the hits just keep on coming! Please dear lord get rid of Mori, he is a bumbling fool, who does nothing but embarrass Japan. I wonder now if the big push to get rid of former Gov. Masazoe was not for his money scandals but his opposition to Tokyo having to pay for the games and his criticism of the cost overruns!

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Have this Miri character open his own pockets. We would see the costs plummet.

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Mori said the original figures were the result of sloppy calculations

Well, I never. And somehow those figures came out at a quarter of the revised one. Was it back of the envelope stuff when everyone is supposed to be a dab hand with a soroban or, in "hi-tech Japan," with a supercomputer?

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"...Christopher Gaffney is – a senior research fellow at the University of Zurich, a prominent voice in the anti-Olympic movement – and he describes it this way: “Wherever we see an educated population that has a relatively free press, relatively high levels of governmental transparency, and that has put it up for a referendum, in every one of those cases we have seen the Olympics be rejected. Without exception.” In the west, at least, it seems no one wants to play host any more."


Poor old Olympics, nobody wants you. Because they know what a complete fraud you are...

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"Just put it on my tab."

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Ah, Yoshiro "Gimme more money" Mori.

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Organizers face more cost increases for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Should read:

Taxpayers face more cost increases for 2020 Tokyo Olympics

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690 million to 2.6 billion?

Keep up the good work boys.

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Wait. Is this the same Mori that was PM? If so, heaven help us!

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"I feel like Ginza tonight, Ginza tonight!"

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I'm shocked, shocked! That a bid that was build on fraud here there and everywhere had fraudulent numbers! How could anyone have guessed??

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Like the main stadium, all the other facilities were way above their projected cost but were deliberately not mentioned when the furore of the zaha designed main stadium being to costly was raised by some designers who weren't happy that the design of the main stadium for a showcase event like the olympics was that of a foreigner over the local one, cost wasn't an issue it was just conveniently used as an excuse to scrap the Zaha design and choose a local boy. If they were really worried about cost all the other facilities could have also been mentioned, there wasn't any mention by the sheepish media ( which continues to play the role of "His masters voice" because the architects were Japanese.

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After winning the initial bid by Japanese committee Zaha was then forced to use specific local contractors who jacked up the price of the stadium. Once they forced her out, the exact same contractors suddenly could do the stadium for less, with her design parred down. She sued. Unfortunately she has since passed away from a heart attack. Did Japan drive her to death? I wonder if her company is still suing the TOC for the stolen design?

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It is the cost overruns which create the most graft and kickbacks. Have you ever wondered why if you hire a major contractor to build a shopping center or office building, it will be completed at-cost, and within the allotted time, but if the same contractor builds something for the local or national government, there is no telling what the final cost or completion date will be? Our fearless leaders in Japan and elsewhere have rigged their contracting systems to allow for vast cost overruns, for the benefit of themselves and the crooks they hire.

An event like the Olympics gives many politicians and contractors a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to loot the taxpayers on a grand scale, hence the massive cost overruns and delays.

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"...has surged to an estimated $2.6 billion, up from an initial estimate of $690 million."

Yeah, 'sloppy' is right -- as in, downright criminal, and intentional given TIJ and the lemmings will say and do nothing about it. The disaster that is Rio hasn't even started yet and Tokyo is once again champing at the bit to embarrass itself on the world stage.

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No surprises here, up $2 billion just for this part of the construction:

"the cost of building seven temporary venues for the Olympics has surged to an estimated $2.6 billion, up from an initial estimate of $690 million"

And does anyone really believe this?

"Tokyo organizers say they have saved more than $2 billion by working with the Tokyo government to cut costs by moving some events to existing facilities"

So we're running $2 billion over estimates in one area but we've saved the taxpayers $2 billion in another so don't worry about it.

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the number of music chairs must be becoming exponential at this rate

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