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Osaka beats Kasatkina 6-3, 6-2 to win Indian Wells title; Del Potro downs Federer


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Big Congratulations to Naomi!

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That was so convincing and amazing. She has become, what Serena Williams said of her, "very dangerous." I love her powerful shots. I love her even more when she talks in interviews; she is so cute, funny and delightful.

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Amazing result at the world's sixth biggest tennis tournament. Both Del Potro and Osaka upsetting higher ranked players makes good drama.

Naomi Osaka may not speak Japanese (according to English language media, maybe based on some self deprecating joking from her?), but she is right up there with Ichiro as highly quotable athletes who originated in Japan. Ichiro casually thanks his dog when he breaks MLB records, and Osaka says her incentive to continue through the final rounds is that with fewer players around there is more sushi for her. Also, the LA Times highlighted her reference to feeling like Caveman Spongebob at one point in the final. Funny stuff is bound to emit when you mix jock and millenial anime-head.

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She was not raised or educated in Japan, but that turned out in her favor as it allowed her to become a top 100 tennis star by her late teens. The article says she has a Japanese passport, and competes for Japan at international events (Olympics?).

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"The Japan-born Osaka..."

Ummm... correct me if I'm wrong but is she not a Japanese national? If so, why is this even necessary? I don't usually hear them saying, "The Japanese born Japanese national..." because it is not necessary. It's a shame, because I think it takes away a little from her performance, which is in part representative of her nation. SHE is a tennis player to watch and cheer for, and I think people are starting to catch on. Why they need to start every sentence of praise or commentary with this kind of "She's half, but..." or, "Born to a ~ father...", or, "Born in Japan," etc. is insulting when she is Japanese.

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Did you feel the award ceremony was one-sided? The presenter did not say a single word in praise of Osaka but was slobbering all around Kasatkina. He did not even bother to hand over the trophy to Osaka.

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wonder if in Haiti they are calling her Haitian-Japanese?

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Really like her! She's refreshingly quirky & down to earth. Pls don't change, enjoy playing tennis and win a few trophies along the way.

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Federer folded in the 3rd set tiebreaker, including 2 double-faults

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Congratulation Naomi-san. Well done.

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