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Osaka trying not to feel 'a failure' after early Abu Dhabi exit


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Japanese friend of mine who hated her until she won her first big championship, after which she "is Japanese" in the man's book, now refuses to talk about her again. I wonder what he'd say if I asked him if Naomi was still Japanese or not.

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Everyone around me is telling me I'm playing well and I don't think I'm playing bad

I am pretty sure everyone was straight up lying to her face then. Because she is not playing well. Sometimes is better to tell the person the truth that they suck and just tell them to try harder. Because those around her telling she is doing well, clearly it's not helping her.

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Everyone knows Osaka can play, but at what level now seems to be the question. We all know she just gave birth, perhaps her mind is saying you are ready and her body is saying you are not. After losing it takes a mental toll especially on some one who is struggling with mental issues. Perhaps the people in her camp or the money strings behind her are pushing the envelope when her handlers should tell them/her to take more time so that she can get back to a championship form. Sports is more so mental than physical, once your opponent gets in your head off its game over and right now most of her opponents are loving to get a mark saying they beat the champ. I think she can get it together but she needs the time off. Sabrina did it but she is no Sabrina, because Sabrina knows what it takes to be in the trenches.

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"I'm less confident but not too unconfident." What?

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That sounds like a Yogi Berra statement

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— Naomi Osaka’s Tournament Record since March 2021

0 wins out of 21 tournament entries

— Naomi Osaka’s Match Record since April 2022

4 wins, 11 losses 

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Back to the basics Naomi, you are still a great athlete. If you dig deeper within yourself you will discover, what made you great then, is still within self to be a champion again.

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She was never in a good mental mind and now is physically also not capable at playing at her best level.

one can not say it anymore these days but it is a fact that she is between 5 and 10 kg overweight.

her comeback is to try and keep or extent her sponsorships

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