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Osaka left to regret 'immaturity' in loss to Hsieh


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She needs to work on herself first before going back to tennis.

Clearly something is not right in her personal life, and that goes back to before her issues with her coach.

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yeah shes defineatly go some family issues, hardly ever see her mother or father at her games even the grand slams.

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I don't mean to disparage her, she seems nice, but she has also got to work on her lack of maturity and her shyness in public, on the world stage. It may seem cute and what-not in Japan, but outside, it just won't do you any favours. I remember Steffi Graf who was winning GS non-stop at an even younger age. She was an extremely shy person and she had to quickly mature, despite all other problems in her family.

And she really should open her mouth more when she talks. It's no wonder the French think Anglophones mumble like ventriloquists when they speak.

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She should have retained the services of her former coach, and also paid off her junior coach as promised.

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Personal Issues?

Something going on in her personal life?

Aside from the year of greatness she had, this has always been her playing style. Why does it have to be family problems? Maybe she was just not handling the pressure of being number 1 well. There is a huge difference in chasing number and actually being number one. For some, its like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders and they regress. Some take their game to an even higher level. Some people become overconfident. While others completely crumble at the top.

She is still young and learning. Sports can be an emotional time for people.

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Hsieh's coach is also her boyfriend? Hmm, that doesn't sound like the best idea.

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Hsieh's coach is also her boyfriend? Hmm, that doesn't sound like the best idea.

It goes on all the time.

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She needs to squash whatever beef she has with her former coach and get him back ASAP. He’s the one who got her there and it was foolish for her to think that she didn’t need him because he was “being mean” to her. Coaches are tough because they care.

I don’t want to minimize whatever trauma she experienced under him, but the fact is that he was a necessary part of the winning formula. If she wants to be a winner, she really needs to make an adult decision, eat crow and get him back. Otherwise, she may fade into obscurity as quickly as she emerged from it.

I love Naomi and want to see her keep winnng. Being an adult is all about doing things that you don’t want to do and working with people that you may not like. This isn’t a hobby anymore, it’s her career.

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What ever Osaka decide is best for herself, I am right behind her because she is such an inspiration for young people, dignified winning or loosing, now that's a winning formula.

I think she was also pushed far too hard, and far too quickly by her previous coach. She might have become number 1, but there is not much left in her tank. Consistency and longevity is better IMHO.

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I dont see her remaining no 1.

She just doesnt have it.

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I suspect the No. 1 ranking has come before she's ready for the pressure/expectation it brings. There are many potential reasons she changed coach, but given the success she was having, I hope it was to deal with a genuine problem, not to satisfy a whim.

Regarding the PR side, there is much more limelight now than in Steffi Graf's time, so I don't think that's an entirely fair comparison. The news cycle is much shorter now.

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She will be back!

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While shes dithering with her immaturity theres no shortage of talented young players who CAN be mature.

She’ll maybe get the occaisional win, but greatness is beyond her.

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I suspect the No. 1 ranking has come before she's ready for the pressure/expectation it brings.

I think this ^^^ is exactly the case, all too quick and too much, a better coach would pace her progress to give her room to digest.

To me, she is the most inspirational player on the tour, and I hope she re-adjust her training so as to achieve her objectives rather than chasing ranks all the time.

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She a great tennis player.

She is human with frailties to go along with strengths.

She doesn't need to mold herself into a caricature of any other player - past or present. They were / are who they are and she is who she is.

Seems like everyone wants a piece of her and everyones got all The Advice for her - you know like, "well I know what's best for her" bs.

The media and fairweather fans here are a big part of the problem. Notice how after she bowed out of Indian Wells last week (after an over the top main-media daily build up) and Miami this week you could have heard a ball drop.

Sure she's No1 and has responsibilities and duties, but first and foremost she is Naomi a 21yr old women who loves tennis and she doesn't "belong" to anyone. Not in the sense that anyone else knows best.

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She will be back ready for the next big one, French Open. It is hard to be 100% mentally focussed on these minor tournaments. If anyone underestimate the Worlds best player, their a fool.

Fight, Naomi-chan! I love you!!

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Regarding the PR side, there is much more limelight now than in Steffi Graf's time, so I don't think that's an entirely fair comparison. The news cycle is much shorter now.

I wasn't talking about the pressures (but that's not to say Graf was not under pressure - she was technically a child when she won her first GS). I was talking about her shyness and lack of words at award ceremonies. She is an adult now, and she's going to have to act as one. You'd be hard-pressed to judge what language she speaks best.

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She’s only human.

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it won't be long before the Japanese media and public turn on her.

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Shouldn't have fired her coach. . I think someone at JTA got in her ear and gave her bad advice.

she says she wasn't happy. pictures suggest either she's a good actor or a bad liar. Pressure will grow and grow and all these people that can beat her, will be that little harder to beat next time. Shouldn't have fired her coach, if your not happy then talk it out.

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Playing tennis for 2hours and 18 minutes is no mean feat, so Osaka san your no push over thats for sure, I am sure you will be back stronger and better mentally prepared next time

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Well, you can't win them all, but I have to say, since firing her coach, she's not winning much of anything. The lawsuit and her dad's contract are probably adding to the misery.

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Osaka was dejected but, to her credit, laid bare her frustrations afterwards, insisting she lacked mental clarity and the ability to deal with the pressure of being the best in the world.

That's why props to those who are able to keep #1 week in and week out

Often times, being the target is harder than climbing to the top

Just because ya can climb to the top does not necessarily mean ya can stay there - ya need something more

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