Osaka reveals she and Cordae expecting a baby girl


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just days after she pulled out of the Australian Open.

too easy….

2023 will be a year full of lessons for me, and I hope I'll see you guys at the start of the next one cause I will be back at the Australian Open 2024.

Well, here’s another lesson.

Unless you’re planning to hire a full time nanny and/or grandparents stepping in, you’re not stepping on the pro court in Jan 2024 after having a baby 6 months earlier. That newborn is gonna tire you out. How you gonna train?

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Basically we won't be seeing much of her for the next three years.

Having a kid this year.

Taking care of a newborn next year.

Begin training to get back into shape.

Or this will be the last we hear of her. She was a one-hit wonder back around 2016-19 but that was about it. Her sponsors have been left holding the bag.

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Is she Japanese or American or both. If Japanese, it’s one more child up.

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Does she have any fans left?

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Naomi's massive popularity with Japanese female fans will leave them ecstatic with this news. Despite recent setbacks she remains the best and most respected Japanese sports woman in the country.

Congratulations Naomi.

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I can't think of a more disingenuous sports personality than Naomi Osaka. Not even Max Verstappen steps as low.

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Osaka hasn't played a tennis match since last September, her social media posts late last year showing her travelling in Europe with Cordae.

The couple have been together since 2019.

If Naomi Osaka is contented, then all the best.

The sponsors will move on.

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who really cares...

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Some tennis players have come back after motherhood

Kim Clijsters (won 3 of her 4 Grand Slams as a mother), Margaret Court, Lindsay Davenport (returned just 3 months after giving birth), Victoria Azarenka, and of course Serena Williams

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Naomi's massive popularity with Japanese female fans will leave them ecstatic with this news.

Every female tennis fan I know in Japan prefer Men's tennis. Nadal, Federer and Nishikori have big fan bases.

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She’s a crybaby and a cad who likes playing the race card, she annoys me with her immaturity and spoilt behaviour

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A sinking ship.

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